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  1. I know you sent that message a longtime ago... but the new gym looks like it will be amazing. I love Wisdom Gym but I wish we could get that here... here's a pic from our casa

    They have done some new things to it that is not in the pic... Blacked out the ceiling, new floor... but thats about it
  2. Weiser Gym was the home of Drury basketball for 60 years, but it's seen its last game. Drury is building a new arena, the O'Reilly Center, which will be completed late this summer. It won't be the biggest D2 gym around (seats 3,500), but it will be the nicest. Video board, luxury suites, lcd screens throughout the building, burl walnut lockers and granite countertops in the locker room etc., etc.

    I'm going to miss Weiser though. I've been going to games there since I was a kid. It was a great old gym...seats right on top of the floor and the smell was pure heaven - a mixture of decades old wood, sweat, and popcorn.

  3. I freaking loved y'alls gym... We stopped by when SBU was hosting the regional in 06 or 07... the girls were hosting your regional....old gyms are the best in my opinion.
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