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  1. Cool, its sad what has happened to the Kbobs franchise, the only ones i know that are still around is the one in raton, and the one in clovis. The clovis one is terrible now, small expensive salad bar, poor food and service.

    The wife and i wanted to get a Dions in portales but they dont franchise, that thing would have made bank!
  2. Way back in 1978-1981, I had a Mr. Burger franchise in Los Lunas and two more a little further north. I also opened up a diner restaurant called Grandma's. I sold them all to the same guy in 1981. He subsequently ran them into the ground. Oh, well. I made good money on them and on the sell. Thru the years we also owned K-Bob's in Farmington, Roswell, and Hobbs (before the franchisor ran them into the ground), as well as Zebadiah's Grill & Bar in Angel Fire. Today I own 9 Subways and a Taco Bell in places like Hereford, Borger, Dumas, Dalhart, Friona, and Dimmitt.
  3. What resturaunt did you own? My parents and inlaws are from there now. My in laws for their whole lives have lived in valencia county.
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