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  1. Brandon Sir, DJ Silky Panties has made a return and is also using the name "Son of mafia".
    The Kentucky Weslyan thread and the USI thread have had great participation since Silky was banned. Now all the good posters are disappearing again from the USI thread again. ...sorry to bother you with this....thanks
  2. Hello Brandon. I regret having to inform you that the Midwest board especially the USI thread is being dominated by someone that the other users suspect has multiple user names and all he does is harass others. I am wondering if there is a way to check this.
    If there is, please check DJ Silky Panties, redswin, taco tico, kdubnation, westsidemafia, screagle nation, drury fanther 2011.
    Thank you so much sorry to bother you.
  3. Brandon, I don't know if you are the right person to contact about this, but here goes. DJ Silky panties aka screagle nation has made a mockery of the Midwest thread for years and has gotten more vulgar to the point that people have left the board.
    Please monitor this because he completely dominates with vulgar negativity using multiple usernames.
    I promise you will be a hero to everyone else on that board. Thank you in advance.
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