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  1. MEC Week 11 on Thursday -- Fairmont State marches toward the Playoffs!

    It's the week to wrap things up. The election cycle wrapped up for a couple of years, I wrapped up a major inspection at work this week, and now we reach the conclusion of the regular season. The MEC owns the Thursday night spotlight with two very intriguing games. At Charleston, Cinderella measures her feet as UVA-Wise finalizes its new benchmark. At Fairmont, the Falcons fight to stay in the playoffs. Win, and they're in.

    It's Thursday night, and it's almost time for MEC football! ...
  2. MEC's Week 10 - The Other Games

    The Mountain East Conference doesn't officially have a conference championship game; but one is being played tomorrow. Below you'll find the other games taking place in the conference. Since Notre Dame suffered a second loss last week to Fairmont State, all of the teams in these games are out of the playoffs. Some may just be happy to see the season wind down while others are still fighting to see just how high they can go.

    Charleston @ Alderson-Broaddus

    Multi-Sport ...
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  3. Week 9 Results in the MEC - Allowing a Battle of the Unbeatens Next Week

    Both Fairmont State and Shepherd won. This means their game next week will determine the conference champion and provide some movement in the Regional Rankings. UVA-Wise locked up a winning season and still have the potential to finish 8-3.

    So, what happened ....

    Notre Dame 19
    Fairmont State 23

    This game was close to the very end. Notre Dame had a few chances to take the go-ahead lead, but failed to ...
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  4. Exciting Finish Looms After MEC's Week 8 Results

    A FCS team beat up on the little guy. Urbana ruined the ability for most to go 6-0 in the Pick 'Em contest. Fairmont State and Shepherd remain undefeated; and Notre Dame is still right behind them with its lone loss to Shepherd several weeks ago. The winds were kicking around the region, but that didn't stop big passing days from quite a few teams. In the end, the results were pretty much expected which allows the excitement to continue building for the coming weeks.

    So, what happened ...
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  5. MEC's Week 8 -- Building the Stage for the Final Act

    The winds will whip around the MEC this weekend, possibly wreaking havoc for pass-happy offenses. Teams with stronger running games should prevail unless defenses are able to shut them down. Field goal attempts may be limited and/or comical to watch.

    This week's contests help set the stage for a possible big finish. If Fairmont State loses two in a row (5-2 UVA-Wise, 6-1 Notre Dame), they could slide from first to fourth in the MEC in a matter of 7 days. If they win their next

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