Kris Ferguson

  1. CIAA Week 8: Welcome to the Twilight Zone

    There are just some stories that are feel good. They are the ones that leave your mouth aghast and leave you clamoring for more details. Picture this: Its homecoming. You haven’t scored more than 13 points a game all season. All of a sudden, you find yourself up 21-0 and it’s just the 2nd quarter. Like, what is even going through your mind in that situation. One thought might be – don’t screw this up.

    Such was the case of Lincoln-Elizabeth City State. Lincoln almost squandered ...
  2. Crossover's #2: There are so. many. storylines!

    I’m going to interview myself. It’s the only way to touch on everything that is happening in the conference right now. No, I am not crazy.

    Host Question: What team is most underrated right now?

    Blogger: Virginia State makes a compelling case for being overlooked. After all, the defending conference champions have a returning Quarterback in Cordelral Cook (#31 in Total Individual Offense in D2) and a very strong defense. The strongest case in my opinion would ...
  3. CIAA Week 4 - Football is back on (Sort of)

    The conference largely resumes play after being sidelines because of Hurricane Florence. Florence ravaged much of Southeast NC with flooding. Recovery efforts are just underway. I hope that everyone remains safe and strong given the amount of financial, emotional, and mental toll that the storm has brought onto people of the area. Fayetteville was among the communities turned into an island as the storm flooded all but one major thoroughfare going into the city. That last road might be flooded ...
  4. CIAA Week 3: It's a Short Week and a Scheduling Fiasco

    The CIAA underwent a lot of cancellations given that Hurricane Florence impacted both North and South Carolina. It will be interesting to see how the conference reacts now that most teams have a nine game schedule. Even more interesting is that this week could impact how teams prepare for the postseason. Qualifying for the D2 playoffs require a team to have won seven games. The most obvious contender for the playoffs would still be Virginia State, who played two FCS games and now had their game ...