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  1. The CIAA 2018 Recap

    The off season has already started for all except two teams in Division II, which means it’s time for a recap. Relatively speaking, the conference actually did better than last year across the board. It may not feel like it with individual teams, but I think so when looking across the national and regional landscape. Let’s talk about some of the good and not so good.

    Good: First and foremost, Bowie State did the conference a solid by advancing out of the first round. It was ...

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  2. CIAA Playoffs Week 2: We are all on the Bowie State Bandwagon

    Allow me to entertain you on this Friday before the next set of playoffs. I'm rather excited as this is the first time in the three years of blogging that I've had to post about a CIAA game this deep into the season. This was a rather active week for the CIAA despite only having one team in the playoffs. Let’s talk about what’s happened on and off the field.

    Harlon Hill Trophy Outlook

    The CIAA has two players nominated for the Harlon Hill Trophy this year. Bowie ...

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  3. CIAA Week 10: It's Rivalry Week!

    I have a lot to talk about. Like, a lot of items. Because a lot happened.

    1. What team is the noteworthy team of the week?

    Avid readers of this blog know that I like to start off by highlighting a team that had a noteworthy week. I’ve talked a lot about the CIAA North in particular. This week is different, because I get to finally cash in another dark horse candidate. Yes, today I’m going to talk about the program that has been in hibernation for some years. ...

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  4. CIAA Week 7: There's an Offensive War happening in the North

    Chowan. It’s arguably the school that’s forgotten in the conference’s football arena. The Hawks have been in DII for 13 seasons, and have not earned a record better than 6-4 in a single season since moving from DIII. The Hawks haven’t come very close to a conference title, and it is not often that the Hawks are featured in a marquee matchup. Long-time readers of the blog can recall how many times I’ve mentioned that Chowan is my dark horse in the North’s race. It’s time for me ...
  5. CIAA Week 6: The Real Season Begins!

    The rumors of their demise are greatly exaggerated. Such was the case of the Fayetteville State “Cardiac” Broncos, who picked up last year’s stride of finishing with late game heroics. The Broncos found themselves down 14-0 early against Chowan, only to storm to a 24-14 lead. Then, the Broncos relinquished that lead to the Hawks, 28-24. That was just the first half. The second half featured the Broncos facing a seven point deficit well into the fourth quarter. In the span of a minute, ...
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