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  1. Parity, Targeting, and Family Week

    It’s funny how things in life can work out sometimes. In last week’s column, I wrote about how it was possible that parity had reared its head in the MIAA football world this year, even though the season was only two games in. One could have argued (and I wouldn’t have disagreed) that it was too early to say that with any real conviction, but after last week’s games, that argument would be harder to defend. To be fair, it is still early, but slightly better than a quarter of the season ...

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  2. An Intriguing Slate of Games in Week 2

    Week One of the 2016 campaign is in the books, and with one exception, most of the teams on the winning side of the field won comfortably. The only matchup where it was anyone’s game late in the fourth quarter was down at The Jungle in Pittsburg, where the Mules broke a tie with under five minutes to go and held off the Gorillas for the win. All of the other games were decided by double digits. Here’s a quick recap of how the teams fared on Opening Day:

    Northeastern St. ...
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  3. The Final Fortnight of the 2015 Regular Season And A Look at the Playoffs

    In a league that has shown some parity the past couple years, Rivalry Week 2015 was a bit strange in that no upsets occurred, and pretty much all the games were decided by the end of the third quarter. The closest margin of victory was two touchdowns, making Rivalry week 2015 into something more along the lines of Just Another Day at the Office Week 2015:

    #3 Northwest Missouri St 24
    Missouri Western 10

    In the closest game of the day, defense dominated the game ...

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