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  1. The Regular Season Ends and the Postseason Begins

    The regular season concluded this past Saturday, and eight of the twelve MIAA teams are looking to see what they can build upon from this year into next year’s season. Four teams are still practicing, as two teams made the playoffs and the other two were selected for bowl games, which I will get to later. Here is how the final regular season games shook out:

    Missouri Southern St. 21
    Missouri Western St. 63

    The earliest game of the season was also pretty much over ...

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  2. The MIAA 2015 Regular Season Finale and Postseason Outlook

    Week 10 is in the books, and with it, this year’s MIAA Championship was decided. For the record 27th time, Northwest Missouri State officially clinched the MIAA Championship. They had been in a tie with former member Truman State, who is now a member of the GLVC. This year marks the third MIAA Championship in a row for the Bearcats (they officially shared last year’s with Pittsburg State, although the Gorillas beat the Bearcats in Maryville during the regular season), and is their 15th in the ...
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  3. The Final Fortnight of the 2015 Regular Season And A Look at the Playoffs

    In a league that has shown some parity the past couple years, Rivalry Week 2015 was a bit strange in that no upsets occurred, and pretty much all the games were decided by the end of the third quarter. The closest margin of victory was two touchdowns, making Rivalry week 2015 into something more along the lines of Just Another Day at the Office Week 2015:

    #3 Northwest Missouri St 24
    Missouri Western 10

    In the closest game of the day, defense dominated the game ...

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  4. MIAA Rivalry Week and Something Spooky in the First Regional Rankings

    Eight games down and three to go in the regular season, and we are beginning to see the playoff picture take some shape. There are three teams in the MIAA that have a realistic chance at making the playoffs, but a lot can happen in three weeks, so it’s still anyone’s guess as to where teams will end up. Week 8 had a couple small surprises, but for the most part it was a pretty uneventful week, especially compared to the events up in the NSIC this past Saturday with both #1 Minnesota St. and ...

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  5. A Preview of Tomorrow's Regional Rankings in SR3 Strictly by the Math

    The first set of Regional Rankings is due to come out tomorrow, so I thought I would put up my calculations and see how well they match up with what the real rankings end up being. Out of the eighteen teams with two or less losses going into Week 8, five lost their third game of the season. And for the second week in a row, two undefeated teams lost, leaving Northwest Missouri St. as the lone undefeated team in the region. With the losses in Week 8, and the fact that one-loss teams Minnesota ...

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