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  1. Predictions for Tomorrows third Regional Rankings

    Once again, NSIC Columnist Matt Witwicki, former GAC Columnist Armo Wood, and I had a conference call to discuss where we thought the Super Region 3 Regional Advisory Committee might put the teams in tomorrow’s regional rankings. In case you had forgotten, here are last week’s rankings:

    1. NWMSU
    2. USF
    3. Harding
    4. ESU
    5. UMD
    6. Azusa Pacific
    7. UCM
    8. Bemidji
    9. Southern Arkansas
    10. Henderson St.

    For the most ...
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  2. My Predictions on tomorrow's Super Region 3 Rankings

    Okay folks, we are roughly 24 hours away from the first Regional Rankings from the SR3 Regional Committee. Before I dive into the numbers, let’s take a look at who is on the committee:

    Chris Brown, Head Football Coach, Fort Hays St. (MIAA)
    Tim McCarty, Head Football Coach, East Central (GAC)
    David Miller, Director of Athletics, Upper Iowa (NSIC)
    Steve Mullins, Director of Athletics, Arkansas Tech (GAC)-also on National Committee
    Gary Pine, Director of Athletics, ...

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  3. The Regular Season Ends and the Postseason Begins

    The regular season concluded this past Saturday, and eight of the twelve MIAA teams are looking to see what they can build upon from this year into next year’s season. Four teams are still practicing, as two teams made the playoffs and the other two were selected for bowl games, which I will get to later. Here is how the final regular season games shook out:

    Missouri Southern St. 21
    Missouri Western St. 63

    The earliest game of the season was also pretty much over ...

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