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  1. That’s The Way The Ball Bounces

    A constant reminder to myself: “It’s a game.”

    I learned early in life that my love for competitions, especially sports, could produce a myriad of emotions.

    I’ve been thrilled beyond belief. Most recently when UNA won the semi-final last year and returned to the national title game for the first time in what felt like forever after being so close on a few occasions. Then, of course, there’s nothing like that first national title game and victory in 1993 when ...

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  2. GSC Wars: Return of the West

    As we march into Week 7 of the 2017 season, we have another slate of Gulf South Conference games with the showcase matchup coming from West Georgia and West Alabama. No matter the outcome of this game, it confirms that UWA and UWG have resurfaced as leaders in the GSC.

    The other leader so far this season, Delta State, will take on another one-loss team, West Florida, while the ...

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  3. Cage Match in Cleveland

    There’s gonna be a cage match in Cleveland this weekend, y’all. Mississippi, that is.

    As we’ve officially moved past the halfway point of the regular season, we will enjoy some great Gulf South Conference matchups once again this week.

    The top game to watch this weekend will be between #21 West Alabama and #14 Delta State with other interesting ...
  4. GSC Pendulum Swings Back in 2017

    So far this season, it looks like teams that were at the top a season ago may be taking a backseat to the programs on the rise this year.

    Delta State, West Alabama, and Florida Tech have been impressive, while West Georgia is also still in the mix. Meanwhile, Valdosta State and North Alabama have had some struggles during the first part of this 2017 Gulf South Conference football campaign. ...
  5. Lions and Tigers, and Football, Oh My!

    And just like that, we’ve moved into the fourth week of gridiron action and this Saturday features another lineup of Gulf South Conference matchups. The storylines for 2017 are starting to develop and there are a few games this week that we’ll all be keeping up with via radio, online, or in person.

    They’re Back

    Welcome Statesmen! Delta State has played ...

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