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  1. zimmy21's Avatar
    So Close on the USF score!
  2. laker's Avatar
    Best matchups of the year. Hopefully no games will be called off due to high winds.

    Michael Leischner‏ @KWSNMike 39m39 minutes ago

    Yankton and Douglas are postponed due to high winds. It's official - 2017 is the strangest #SDPreps football season so far.
  3. Raymond Franze's Avatar
    Love the picture!
  4. Zombie8myBrainz's Avatar
    I don't like where ENMU is but I can't argue the logic. Good post!
  5. Quentin44's Avatar
    Nice. You have a way with words.
  6. Andy Davis's Avatar
    Always a great job, Matt!
  7. Andy Davis's Avatar
    Awesome work!
  8. vikingfaithful's Avatar
    Excited for new season. Lets talk the talk and see who walks the walk.
  9. laker's Avatar
    I feel like I'm in the movie theater having just watched the preview and am now waiting for the big show. Glad that I've got my bag of popcorn, a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and a tall glass of chocolate milk- this should be good.
  10. MrAugustana's Avatar
    This ended up being an accurate assessment:

    I was a little surprised that Schilling didn't get more involved on offense in the game, being shutout in the first half and finishing with just 2 points. Jansen played well. That Augie team should be really set for the future, but the Mavs right now are just too much.
  11. laker's Avatar
    This was three years ago already? Time flies! Thanks for the memories.
  12. Matt Witwicki's Avatar
    Brad, thanks for the kind words....and I'm very pleased we have D2 football fans who appreciate the coverage.
  13. laker's Avatar
    Thanks for doing this- and all of your work throughout the season. It is a tough job and there must be times that you don't feel like doing it. But it is appreciated.
  14. Predatory Primates's Avatar
    The WU QB never saw a pass over 30 yards that he didn't like. He will try to go deep and he will do it often.
  15. Brandon's Avatar
  16. Ian Carlson's Avatar

    I don't intentionally support any MIAA team on this site. Sure, I have personal biases based upon my alma mater (although I try to suppress them as much as possible), but I'm not going to pick an MIAA team simply because I write the MIAA column. After all, I correctly picked Harding to beat UCM. That said, I'll give kudos where they are due, and the Hornets have done a great job in surpassing my expectations so often this year.
  17. NW Normal's Avatar
    What are you and Arno of the GAC cooking up this week? While I understand you picking Duluth to win last week, I'm still having issues with Ian not supporting the MIAA team. Geez!
  18. Matt Witwicki's Avatar
    Great performance by ESU....but I'm not sure I'd label a QB dynamic based on lighting up UMD. A large portion of NSIC quarterbacks did this year as well..which is why it was talked about here.
  19. Go Hornets!'s Avatar
    Ian, Ian, Ian... Again, you picked against the Hornets and they just keep winning. So proud of our non-dynamic QB for his 481 yds passing and 5 td's through the air and another TD on the ground. Also proud of the Hornet D for forcing 3 turnovers, one resulting in an incredible TD. Duluth impressed me quite a bit, but were just over-matched today. Congrats on a great season, Bulldogs! Your fans were great.
  20. NW Normal's Avatar
    Hey you guys, are you watching Duluth get exposed? Home field advantage.
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