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  1. WSSSU escapes and VSU rolls into Championship Saturday

    Well its finally here and maybe this year we will actually get to see the game. Yes, I am talking about that game. Although many of us thought this game should have been played last year. The decision was made not to play because of fears that were unfounded. Once everything was played out we had one person being held responsible for the mayhem.
    Although in my opinion last year’s WSSU team would have won the game if Rudy Johnson played; without him, I am not so sure. So it’s ...
  2. Tale, Tell HEART... WSSU vs FSU

    As promised, I am going to address the unbelievable attention that my pick this week has received. I find it quite interesting that so many have so much to say about my pick. I guess this is good in fact because I have certainly stirred the hornet’s nest with this. However, I did expect this to some degree given the unproportionate amount of WSSU and bandwagon WSSU fans that read and participate on Leave it to me to get the boards buzzing. I was due ...
  3. FSU’s Controversial wins sets up South Showdown; VSU win and they are in..

  4. The South has 2 possible, while Virginia State controls it’s own destiny

  5. Homecoming Week Part 2: Don’t get caught slipping ...

    Week 8

    We have 3 games remaining in the 2014 season... While the OCC is done for now the conference races are heating up. The CIAA North is a 2-team race and they reside in Virginia. VSU and VUU have clearly established themselves as the teams to beat in the division. While VSU was expected to be in this position we have pleasantly been surprised by the resurgence of VUU.

    The CIAA South is also summing up to be a 2-team race also. Unlike the CIAA North, ...

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