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  1. mgcomedy's Avatar
    Great write-up Ryan! Always look forward to reading these.
  2. Cat U Fan's Avatar
    No score prediction for Catawba / Livingstone?
  3. mgcomedy's Avatar
    Ryan, great job last year! Thanks for continuing to write for the SAC!
  4. maryalusy's Avatar
    Ryan! I will give you wishes for your hard work
  5. WU Fan's Avatar
    Outstanding! Thanks for all of your hard work buddy!
  6. Matt Bracken's Avatar
    Ryan - you did a great job last year and I am looking forward to it again this year. I appreciate what you do - thanks for sticking with it! - Matt Bracken
  7. Braves'86's Avatar
    You're doing the Lord's work, Ryan.
  8. LR33's Avatar
    Couple of thoughts about the FVSU @ LR game.

    1. Turnovers are always a good measure of how a game may go but this week I feel this will be a vital statistic. Two of the best in D2 in this category.

    2. L-R has been great at stopping the run and this should continue. FVSU will be forced to throw short passes. Sure tackling will be key for the Bears.

    3. Running north and south will be important for the Bears. The power backs of Whitaker and Beaty will need to have a big game this week
  9. atlcn1990's Avatar
    Love to see what you have to say. Finally got some respect for the CN and SAC.

    keep it up.
  10. Cat U Fan's Avatar
    At least D2 doesn't have referee review. I'm not a big fan of that either in the NFL or in D1BCS. Not only does it take out the human element, but it slows the game down terribly. Color me old school.
  11. Ryan Brown's Avatar
    Magic!.... A terrible stab at sarcasm apparently. But thats what it felt like to me on air anyways....
  12. Cat U Fan's Avatar
    246 TV Timeouts?? How did they get it done in 3 hours?
  13. Cat U Fan's Avatar
    For the record, Catawba's first two opponents won twice as many games last year as recorded on this blog: they were a sizzling 2-20. Livingstone won over start-up program Virginia University of Lynchburg, and West Liberty was likewise 1-10.
  14. mgcomedy's Avatar
    Good work Ryan!!!! Enjoyed reading it!
  15. Ryan Brown's Avatar
    Thanks for the response iron. Makes sense and should be a good game.
  16. ironcheftvdinner's Avatar
    The simple answer to your question as to why LR is going back to Concord this year it to balance out LR's home schedules for 2012 & 2013.

    LR was left with only four home games in 2011 after the SAC office changed LR's scheduled/contracted game with NGU in Hickory to Tigerville. There would have been six home games this year and back to four next had LR & Concord not reached a deal to change their game sites for 2012 and 2013.
  17. Matt Bracken's Avatar
    Great stuff Ryan - good luck to CN and MH !
  18. mgcomedy's Avatar
    Congrats Ryan! Look forward to reading your posts!
  19. Matt Bracken's Avatar
    Ryan - thank you for taking this position and no worries on the jab. I am looking forward to your work as well. - Matt Bracken
  20. BULLDOG PRIDE's Avatar
    Ryzn will do a great job in this capacity. Good man who love sports and the SAC. Looking forward to your work my man!