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  1. Playoff Picture

    As Saturday night and Sunday unfolded, there was only two questions remaining: Where would everyone land 2-5 and Was Mars Hill's 6-2 D2 record better than Fort Valley winning their division of the SIAC. At first thought with my post mid-week last week I thought the SAC would get three. But then I realized you can't fault Fort Valley for playing in that game. Once I looked harder at it Sunday morning, I knew for sure the Lions were out.

    What I didn't realize was how much the 3-5 would ...

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  2. Week 10 playoff picture, helmet stickers, and stats for the SAC


    Thanks to Jim Mora, we will never say "playoffs" the same way. It's all about the postseason for three teams in the South Atlantic Conference. As we know, Mars Hill sits at the three spot, Carson-Newman fourth, and Lenoir-Rhyne sixth. As many ways as I looked at it over last three weeks, I thought SAC only getting two was best case. But the West Alabama loss changes things. Plenty of scenarios to consider. I think the entire wildcard ...
  3. Week 9 Column...Wait, week 9? How did we get here so fast?

    Where did the time go? Remember when we were all pulling out our hair in August hoping for any sign of football? Now there is just three weeks left for most of the SAC teams? Unbelievable! But at least we are going to have so much to play for. Isn't is great to see five SAC teams in the top ten? And even for those teams that will be home for the holidays, they get to play spoiler. Saturday puts all five games in North Carolina for the only time this season. Let's go!

    In order of time:

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  4. Week 8 storylines, helmet stickers, stats, and regional rankings.

    Week 8 Story lines

    Déjà vu for LRU
    : The Bears and Lions were facing off at 2-1 and 4-0 in the SAC respectively for the second straight year. This year though the game was played in Hickory and it looked like the road team would win for second straight year. But the paws came off for the Lions. Leading 21-3 with 3:30 left in the 3rd quarter, the Lions blinked and there was 14:09 left in the fourth and they were down 31-21. Yep, no typo there. Here we go: LR TD, 3 and out for Lions, ...

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  5. Pressure continues to build in another crucial week of the 2012 SAC season

    It's cooling down outside in the south but the South Atlantic Conference season is really heating up as we hit the beginning of the final stretch. Four massive weeks of games remain beginning on Saturday. Believe it or not, we could end up with FIVE teams as SAC Champions. Just humor me a minute and imagine this crazy scenario:

    LR beats Mars Hill and Wingate, loses at Newberry, beats Catawba
    Wingate beats Catawba, loses to LR, beats Tusculum
    Newberry beats Tusculum, LR, ...

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