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  1. 2012 CIAA Football = High Expectactions, Will WSSU repeat?

    The sport of football has to have the longest off-season in the history of mankind. I mean seriously, D2 football is done in early December, D1AA or FCS as they call it, is now pushed to January and so is D1 football. We are left Jones'n like a nicotine fiend craving for the next fix until we are pacified with NFL preseason until some kind of official football begins.

    Well, here we are, the 2012 CIAA Football season is upon us and expectation are extremely high this year. Last years ...
  2. Rest in Peace Scott, We will miss you

    Scott, it was a pleasure working with you during the past two season and exchanging emails on the upcoming games. You will be sorely missed.

    I enjoyed how we talked at each other all for the love of our teams in our conference.

    You covered my alma mater UNC Pembroke and I love how you gave them much respect.

    We will miss you Scott, may you rest in peace.
    CIAA , ‎ IND
  3. WSSU Missed Opportunity

    Wayne State 21 Winston Salem State 14

    From the Opening drive of the game, you felt this game would be different for WSSU. With relative ease, Wayne State took the opening drive down the field and scored, then ultimately prevailed in the end by a score 21-14.

    The Rams came into this game with a perfect 13-0 record, going up against a resilient 11-3 Wayne State team that had won three straight road games as the #6 seed. But when you looked at Wayne State's Offensive ...
  4. WSSU wins, Golden Pioneer as 3rd best 1st , Rams-v-Cinderella Wayne State

    This past Saturday, the Rams of Winston Salem State and the CIAA made history. On a weekend where two CIAA team were in action, one in the playoffs, the other in a bowl game, the CIAA emerged victorious in both contest.

    Winston Salem State 27 New Haven 7

    I predicted this game would be a much tighter contest, but the WSSU defense is for real. New Haven came into this game with a much ballyhooed offense. The Charger were putting up some serious numbers, but ...
    CIAA , ‎ GLIAC
  5. WSSU previals, the CIAA is off the Schnied, New Haven Next?

    Talk about one of the most conversed weeks in CIAA football history, the Winston Salem State Rams have lifted a burden that has been haunting the CIAA conference for years. (A 2-28 record in the D2 playoffs)

    This past Saturday, the Rams hosted a playoff game against PSAC power California University of PA. No one, and I mean NO ONE, gave the Rams a chance other than myself, the CIAA faithful and the HBCU faithful.

    C'mon, think about it, California had just slapped ...
    CIAA , ‎ NE-10
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