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  1. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    Assumption and Post have been above everyone the past couple of years but it is balanced throughout the rest of the league. The '16 Post team was loaded and several of the players are still around today so that is why they continue to be at the top of the league. Gone are the days of 5 games of a 45-3 result week in and week out.
  2. Champ's Avatar
    Great point about the balance of the league and how any team can knock off the top teams. Makes me realize how dominate that 16' LIU Post team was going undefeated in the league then also beating Assumption a second time for the championship.
  3. yellowjacketalum's Avatar
    They are struggling with finances which is taking a toll on recruiting. Coach will have to pull theres not alot of talent on this team. Coach Wilkens will have to work extra hard to something out of these kids
  4. NE10Fan's Avatar
    Lost some talent on the way. They were a gutsy group on defense. Not sure where the offense will come from.
  5. NE10Fan's Avatar
    Bigger, stronger, faster. Building the roster for the future.
  6. NE10Fan's Avatar
    Another show me the QB.
  7. NE10Fan's Avatar
    Some nice wins for the Setters. Hopefully they can build on that success.
  8. NE10Fan's Avatar
    The Owls defense looked pretty good in stretches. But finding a QB seems to be a priority.
  9. NE10Fan's Avatar
    Got off to a good start in 17 on the arm of the graduate QB. They have some tough matchups early. Agree the early season will set the tone.
  10. NE10Fan's Avatar
    An experienced QB goes a long was. Looks like they have added some transfer talent. Pepi's is #1
  11. NE10Fan's Avatar
    The really big unknown. Hard to imagine changing the entire coaching staff, the offense and defensive plans, the trainers, support personel and the AD and not missing a beat somewhere.
  12. NE10Fan's Avatar
    Will be interesting to see how the offense works under a new OC. Several coaching changes at key spots. How will the Soph. QB and WR perform in year two. Defense may be the key.
  13. NE10Fan's Avatar
    I see this. Kind of a safe pick. New QB on a strange journey replaces one of the top players in the league. Influx of some D1 transfers. A seasoned coach who lost out on a PSAC job should be able to pull it together.
  14. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    They have struggled the past three years. The offense has trouble moving the ball and the defense has not been the shut down unit like the past. They have not been able to recruit the quality of players that fit their system and it has shown in the ultimate results the past several years.
  15. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    Wow, this gives me something to think about a little bit when I see AIC is dead last. First, AIC seems to be in the running for the conference title every year. Second, when we talked about AIC, we usually mentioned their defense since this unit is the backbone for AIC and they are nowhere to be found.
  16. NE10Fan's Avatar
    A couple of weeks after Holy Cross swoops in on the Assumption AD, they now pillage the head coach.
    What's next? Maybe they can rip out the turf and bring it over to Fitton field.
    I'm starting to come around on the idea that they should change the mascot name. It's offensive.
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  17. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    Tough loss for Assumption. He did a great job with the offense and the players really liked him per their Twitter postings. It is the right move for him and he will be missed.
  18. NE10Fan's Avatar
    Assumption OC Paul McGonagle took the Endicott Head Coach job.
  19. hounds2010's Avatar
    Definitely not expecting Monks?
  20. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    Post dug too big of a hole with the 2 losses in September. The win versus Virginia Union is out of region and not sure how much that is helping or hurting. They had a weak schedule in the 2nd half as they were front loaded. Wins are the name of the game. They will just not have enough of them versus their nearest competitors in the rankings.
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