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  1. Regional Rankings Projections

    The first round of NCAA Division II Football Championship regional rankings will be released this week on Monday, October 23. The top 10 teams in each region will be ranked. Below is my take on what I expect the rankings to look like. Before we dive into that, let’s review a couple of things.

    Rankings updates

    The regional rankings will be published on the following dates, usually between 4 and 5:00pm, eastern time.

    October 23
    October 30

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  2. SAC Week 8 Preview

    Talking about playoffs

    As we enter the final month of the season we start the downhill run towards determining the SAC title and the Division II championship playoff field. On Monday, October 23, the first round of regional rankings will be released. The top 10 teams in each of the four playoff regions will be ranked. Updates to the rankings will be released on October 30 and November 3. The playoff field will be announced on Sunday November 12. The South Atlantic Conference is part ...
  3. SAC Week 7 Preview

    Playoff Contenders
    Now that we’re at mid season, it’s not too early to be thinking about the post season. This year, Super Region 2 has four conferences competing for the seven playoff spots so it’s going to be very competitive. Here is my view of the top contenders from each conference.

    Records shown are overall record, followed by D2 record.
    Wingate (5-0, 5-0) have not always been as impressive as I think they can be, but they’re winning close games ...

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  4. SAC Week 6 Preview

    It’s hard to believe that we’re already at mid-season. Fall always moves quickly when there is thrilling football to be seen. The good part about it is that we are now in the meaty part of the schedule where nearly all games have conference standings on the line, and soon, we’ll be talking about playoffs. After this week, I will begin tracking the SR2 contenders and giving my thoughts on who looks like a playoff caliber team.

    Ranking the teams starts to get really interesting ...

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  5. SAC Week 5 Preview

    More reasons to appreciate D2

    Unless you’ve been away from the internet or sports radio this entire week, you probably heard that a fairly major story broke in the world of college basketball regarding the recruitment of highly coveted athletes. I’m not going to comment on that as it’s way out of my territory, but I will say that when things like that happen in college sports, it gives me even more appreciation for Division II.

    I can’t say that there has never ...

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