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  1. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    Wingate putting in lights really hampered the double header opportunities starting last year, but any time you can do it, its a special day. Especially in the SAC. If you can catch two, you've seen half the conference in one day!
  2. BearMan's Avatar
    Great recap Chuck - thank you! Always nice when you can catch a double header!
  3. ciaascout's Avatar
    He picked against all ciaa schools
  4. UWFDad95's Avatar
    Thank you for adding this to the GSC post! I enjoyed the in depth review..
  5. Cat U Fan's Avatar
    I'd be interested to read your perspective. I've been insulated for many decades, seeing schools from other conferences only when they've played my school or during the playoffs on TV.
  6. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    I'll be there. I mentioned in this blog that I think Wingate's mental state will be a huge factor in this game. I think Reich is an excellent coach and will manage the recovery from last week, but we'll see. I would love to what their practices are like this week. I have a few ideas for offseason blogs to give some perspective on how SAC comapres to other conferencs I've seen up close frequently. Beyond the PSAC, I've seen a lot of NE10, MEC, CIAA and even a number of GLIAC, GSC and MIAA teams.
  7. Cat U Fan's Avatar
    Oh, well, it is what it is. Are you going to the game @ Wingnut? I wonder what the Bulldogs' mentality will be having given up an unbeaten season, top seed, and first-round bye by losing to a Tusculum team that looked awful the previous two games. I'm also curious as to how you would compare the SAC with the PSAC (talent, atmosphere, etc.), having covered both. Thanks for the great coverage this year.
  8. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    As I understand it, the regional committees recommend the rankings for their regiona but the national committee makes the final calls. It is true that West Georgia AD Daryl Dickey is one of the eight members of the national committee.
  9. Cat U Fan's Avatar
    I heard that the region selection committee chose Catawba the 6th seed but was overruled by the national committee who makes the final choice and is headed by the AD from UWG. It doesn't prove that politics were involved, but it sure smells like it with 4 GSC members, 1 SAC member, and 0 from the SIAC being seeded. It may be akin to D1 hoops, where some feel unjustly omitted, but it raises suspicion. Regardless, there are 7 very good teams in the region and it should make for a good playoff.
  10. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
  11. Larold's Avatar
    I'm a dyed in the wool GSC-er, but I look forward to your blogs.
  12. Kit-Carson's Avatar
    I always enjoy your posts. Thanks.
  13. Kit-Carson's Avatar
    I always enjoy reading your analysis. I look forward to seeing it every week.

    I especially liked your assessment of LR this week. I think you are bang on with that one. Regarding Wingate and Catawba, I really think that one will come down to who makes more drive ending/extending mistakes and turnovers. It may just boil down to who shows up and wants it more in the second half of play. That will be an exciting game.

    Thanks for all you do.
  14. Cat U Fan's Avatar
    Pretty close to my picks, though I don't expect the CN / Limestone game to be that close. I hope we're both wrong about Wingate and Catawba. Don't know if you're in the press box tomorrow, but if you're in the stands come by and say hi. My fellow Chiefs Club board member and I will be sitting next to top row right below corner of press box (side nearest gym). We'll likely have blue Chiefs Club shirts and blue hats (mine with arrowhead logo). Safe travels, and thanks for the great analysis.
  15. ScarletIndian's Avatar
    i know this is old, but you contradict urself a bit
    u say u believe in H2H, but didnt give weight to NC's H2H win over CN. u also mention that CC is still the fav. to win the SAC, although NC was preseason #1. for these reasons i feel like u missed with ur rankings. NC's losses were non-SAC, & although NC was only 1-0 SAC at the time, they HAD knocked off CN (who knocked off CC), & est. themselves as top cont. of those 3. if anything, should've been 1.WU, 2.NC, 3.CN, 4.CC, etc. just my 2 cents
  16. shiplb54's Avatar
    If only you put the P back on the beginning of your SAC.

    I miss your writing Chuck! Good to see a new group of people get to enjoy it, though.
  17. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    I'm really glad you're enjoying it. I am having so much fun traveling around the Carolinas to see SAC footbal.
  18. mgcomedy's Avatar
    Always look forward to reading these blogs. Nice work Chuck!
  19. Andy Davis's Avatar
    Great column, as usual!

    I, too, felt like I got punched in the stomach when I heard about the tragedy in the LSC last week. Very tough to think football after that news.
  20. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    Thanks for the correction. Newberry sports info department also confirmed that the game is countable for stats and standings. Sadly, the only info I could find on VUL was from the box scores on their opponents' websites.
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