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  1. Historical Run Continues for Cinderella Argonauts

    Lavender's blue, dilly dilly, lavender's green,
    When I am king, dilly dilly, you shall be queen:

    More dilly dilly? Plenty more!

    From Budweiser’s commercial to Cinderella’s singing, this old English phrase has become trendy the past couple of years. That’s the same amount of time AFCA Region 2 Coach of the Year Pete Shinnick and West Florida have fielded a competitive football ...

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  2. CIAA Week 10 - It's Rivalry Week!

    Well my friends, the end is near. For most schools, the season will end a week earlier than the rest of Division II. Why? Schools in the CIAA generally only schedule a 10 game schedule as opposed to 11 games throughout the other conferences in the nation. This is my normal plug for schools to schedule 11 games. Do something for the 11th game. Perhaps a PSAC-style crossover game for the last game of the season could work. One fan has proposed a CIAA-SIAC challenge to end the season, which I ...
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  3. MEC Takes on The Region - 2016 Playoffs Round 1

    It’s GAME DAY!!!! The Playoffs are here and the action begins. Team records, strength of schedule and the what-if scenarios about implications following a loss are not important at this point. Win, and you move on. Lose, and the season’s over.

    The Mountain East Conference has two teams in the playoffs—undefeated Shepherd Rams and the 1-loss Fairmont State Falcons. This is the second consecutive year the MEC has two teams in the post-season field—and a third team (2-loss ...

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  4. CIAA Week 1 Preview

    Ladies and gentlemen, loyal readers everywhere: Welcome to week one of the CIAA experience. This part of the schedule always gives me great joy and sadness. The joy comes in with the opportunity to sample the clashes with other conferences and their diverse venues. The sadness is – quite frankly – that the conference as a whole does not do well out of conference. I’ve always had a desire for schools to schedule quality D-II competition versus adding the NAIA, D-III and FCS brethren to the ...
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