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  1. North Alabama Returns to Title Game to Vie for Fourth Football Championship

    Some in the regional news media have billed this game as the D2 version of Alabama against Notre Dame. However, the home state would be the only similarity that UNA and Bama share in that analogy. Northwest Missouri has been the dominant force for the past two seasons and is continually in the discussion for the national championship on an annual basis while being tied for the most national titles in the division at five. North Alabama, though, also has a tradition of winning, being in the post-season ...

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  2. GSC Week 15: D2 Semifinal Preview and Pick

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    (Photos Courtesy of UWG Athletics and NWMSU Athletics)

    There are only two weeks of D2 football left this season and I am glad to still be writing about it. That means the Gulf South Conference has, once again, won Super Region Two and is in the final four teams remaining this season. The West Georgia Wolves repeated as SR2 champions by defeating Tuskegee last week in Carrollton. UWG will now travel to face the winners of SR3, the Northwest Missouri ...

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  3. By popular picks for the Division II playoffs

    Nobody demanded them, but I figured I throw my hat in the ring to the round of 24 to see how well I truly know the NCAA Division II Super Region 3 and beyond. Let's be honest, it's a crap shoot at times. Sometimes games are obvious, sometimes the championship game is a let down and the quarterfinals and semifinals act as the true championship. What really matters is the top 24 teams in the nation (subjective, but at least 88% right, which is pretty good) battle it out starting this weekend. ...
  4. Battle of the Old Rivals

    It's 2009, NWMSU jumps out to an early lead... No way they are letting the National Championship out of their grasp this year. They've felt the heart ache from the previous 4 years. Some bad calls by the refs and a surge by Grand Valley started to put that doubt in fans heads as the saw the score get closer and closer. Finally the time on the scoreboard read 0:00 and NWMSU held the National Championship Trophy above their heads for a 3rd time in school history.

    Moments like those are ...

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