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  1. Mountain East Conference - 2016

    First, congratulations to Northwest Missouri State on another fantastic season. I wanted to allow both NWMS and UNA to enjoy the spotlight before posting another MEC blog.

    Another football season is in the history books for the Mountain East Conference. Shepherd continued to lead the conference; finishing one game away from a return trip to the national championship. Fairmont State followed a 6-4 regular season in 2015 with a 10-1 recordótheir only loss coming against Shepherd. ...

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  2. Short-handed Rams fall short of yearly goal

    Well that its folks, CIAA football is over and itís officially basketball season a sport that the CIAA is more nationally recognized for. However, there is a little bit left to put to rest. In my preview this year I spoke of how special teams could be the difference for teams in the CIAA. Many teams in the CIAA do not focus much on special teams outside of the return game. It is well known to CIAA followers that WSSUís chink in the amour was their special teams play overall. ...

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  3. Slippery Rock maybe a Slippery slope...

    Well its here, PLAYOFF TIME! Itís the time of the year where the best of the best are playing. No more cupcakes, and itís win or go home. Itís not just football but every game is sudden death and a key injury or big play against you can be lights out and turn your equipment in.

    This game will be a huge test for WSSU; they are coming off the event that did not happen. Which has been a mess to say the least. I am concerned about the teamís focus and rust coming off ...

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  4. Master of My FATE...

    Week 10: Well here it is... The final week of the season, and we still have something to play for. You gotta love CIAA football even when we seem to be out of it we are in it. Moreover, 3 CIAA teams have the opportunity to be Masters of their own Fate. While on one hand, its clear that the North Champion is Virginia State, evident by Coach Scott saving his players to be healthy for the championship game and possible playoff run. The last 2 opponents of VSU were not very good teams, which ...
  5. Itís the beginning of the end...

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