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  1. The Independents Are COMIN' AT YA

    15 teams make up the Independents this season and there is going to be some fine college football. The first column of the 2011 season will appear later this week - and as always - DON'T TAKE LIFE TOO SERIOUSLY.
  2. Gliac media day

    As I mentioned yesterday in a Message Board post, the GLIAC Media Day page is due to be posted soon. The league has announced an official release date of August 18 for all fans to visit the site and view the Media Day content. The page will include the GLIAC PreSeason Coaches Poll, a preview article by our friend and colleague Sandy Gholston, and exclusive interviews with all 14 GLIAC Head Coaches. Much like last year, the site should remain up throughout the season so fans can revisit the insights ...