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  1. In Review - Mountain East Conference (2018)

    MEC 2018 Recap

    Long overdue, but important.

    The Mountain East Conference continued to leave its mark on the Division II football landscape as the Notre Dame Falcons nearly reached the championship game. This was the fifth time since the 2010 season that a team from the MEC reached the national semi-finals. The Falcons finished the regular ...

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  2. Mountain East Conference Week 8 Round-Up

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    Image courtesy of West Liberty University

    Capturing week 8 in the Mountain East Conference as Notre Dame College sought to solidify their chances of being conference champions and entering the playoffs. Fairmont State and Shepherd fought to keep an outside chance alive, while other schools are still fight for pride and their future. A lot of young talent throughout the
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  3. Catching Up w/ the MEC - Notre Dame is In Control

    Image Courtesy of Notre Dame College

    At 7-0, the Notre Dame Falcons are in control of their destiny to be conference champions as well as secure a spot in the playoffs. While they may prove me wrong, I don’t see them losing two of their final four games. Following a loss to Fairmont State, and their second on the season, the Shepherd Rams find themselves in an unusual spot—on ...
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  4. MEC Week 6 - Setting the Stage

    Several critical matchups are slated for the coming weeks, but the importance of those future contests only matter if the teams take care of their business this week. Last night we saw Notre Dame College slip by Fairmont State in a wild fourth quarter. With the mid-season behind us, soon we'll examine where MEC teams stand in relation to the Super Region 1 playoff picture.

    Thursday ...
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  5. Catching Up with the MEC

    Imgage courtesy of Notre Dame College

    Guess who’s back, back again
    Franze is back, tell a friend
    Guess who’s back, guess who’s back
    Guess who’s back ….

    … Okay, enough with the Slim Shady return. I apologize for the lack of writing over the past few weeks. Thanks to work I was in the Land of the Lone Star Conference for a ...
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