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  1. CIAA Playoffs Week 2: We are all on the Bowie State Bandwagon

    Allow me to entertain you on this Friday before the next set of playoffs. I'm rather excited as this is the first time in the three years of blogging that I've had to post about a CIAA game this deep into the season. This was a rather active week for the CIAA despite only having one team in the playoffs. Let’s talk about what’s happened on and off the field.

    Harlon Hill Trophy Outlook

    The CIAA has two players nominated for the Harlon Hill Trophy this year. Bowie ...

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  2. SR2 Second Round: Battle of Hill Trophy QB Nominees

    (Photo Courtesy VSU Athletics)

    Welp, football happened last weekend!

    We homered up in the GSC forum and got humbled a bit. While two higher seeds won along with one lower seed, they were all upsets to many folks. That’s what happens when you’re in a good conference with a great track record.

    Give them their gloating. But, also be thankful for competitive football. Bulldozing ...

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  3. Crossover's #2: There are so. many. storylines!

    I’m going to interview myself. It’s the only way to touch on everything that is happening in the conference right now. No, I am not crazy.

    Host Question: What team is most underrated right now?

    Blogger: Virginia State makes a compelling case for being overlooked. After all, the defending conference champions have a returning Quarterback in Cordelral Cook (#31 in Total Individual Offense in D2) and a very strong defense. The strongest case in my opinion would ...
  4. CIAA Week 4 - Football is back on (Sort of)

    The conference largely resumes play after being sidelines because of Hurricane Florence. Florence ravaged much of Southeast NC with flooding. Recovery efforts are just underway. I hope that everyone remains safe and strong given the amount of financial, emotional, and mental toll that the storm has brought onto people of the area. Fayetteville was among the communities turned into an island as the storm flooded all but one major thoroughfare going into the city. That last road might be flooded ...
  5. CIAA Week 1: The Out Of Conference Saga Begins

    As I read the USA Today sports section, my eyes were drawn to the upcoming schedule. There is was. The header read: College Football. I looked to see when the schedule of upcoming games, the first game said: Bowie State vs Wagner, Thursday, 6pm. Yes! It is time. It is really time! The CIAA season starts off on Thursday with four games, including the aforementioned Bowie State game.

    There’s one thing worth noticing in this year’s master schedule: the prevalence of FCS games. ...
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