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  1. TheCommissioner's Avatar
    "Bulldogs in a route?" I know it's a long road trip from Big Rapids to Marquette, but damn. Of course the pun could have flown over my head!
  2. Ram040506's Avatar
    Ship is still rated ahead of Cal despite losing by 43 at home? Come on....
  3. Predatory Primates's Avatar
    Good stuff. I'm cautiously optimistic about Pitt. Not sure if they are a playoff team yet, but they are building and improving each week so far, so I'm hopeful that they will get there.
  4. Joe Price's Avatar
    Chris-I think of Detmer would have stayed-in; they might have pulled it out. Nonetheless, the Javelinas are a good team.
  5. Joe Price's Avatar
    Thanks Buff Fan for the kind comments. Thank you for reading!
  6. Joe Price's Avatar
    I think Angelo is a solid team; but, I still need more convincing. They have only wins over teams with losing records.
  7. Joe Price's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for the comments. Jake- I think the running game gives them the edge. Plus, if they need to go to the air, they can get it done.
    However, my gut instinct says: Consistency on offense is the difference-maker. IMO.
  8. JakeTAMUC's Avatar
    Honest question re: TAMC/CSUP: is there a particular thing you think Pueblo does better that gives them the edge? Im not seeing it.
  9. Brandon's Avatar
    Very nice work.
  10. ccchhhrrriiisss's Avatar
    We are going to learn more about Angelo State and Midwestern State this weekend. Angelo State's only loss came to FCS Abilene Christian. They might be better than people expected.
  11. ccchhhrrriiisss's Avatar
    1.) Texas A&M-Commerce
    2.) Midwestern State
    3.) Tarleton State

    The Javelinas have had the habit over the last few years of failing to maintain momentum. It is crazy how they can be competitive against the top ranked team in the nation only to lose two weeks later to an unranked opponent (although Angelo State is good).
  12. Buff Fan 05's Avatar
    Thank Joe, I always look forward to the blog each week.
  13. TheBraveWolf's Avatar
    Looks like you are back in form on your picks...
  14. BlazerLady's Avatar
    Spot on!!
  15. TheCommissioner's Avatar
    I'm a "visual learner." I hope you use more visuals in the future blogs. Creativity in communications is a virtue!
  16. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    Assumption and Post have been above everyone the past couple of years but it is balanced throughout the rest of the league. The '16 Post team was loaded and several of the players are still around today so that is why they continue to be at the top of the league. Gone are the days of 5 games of a 45-3 result week in and week out.
  17. Champ's Avatar
    Great point about the balance of the league and how any team can knock off the top teams. Makes me realize how dominate that 16' LIU Post team was going undefeated in the league then also beating Assumption a second time for the championship.
  18. KleShreen's Avatar
    Week 4 preview:

    GVSU, Ferris favorites. Everything else: *shrug emoji*
  19. Ian Carlson's Avatar
    Disrespect, how? Because I picked them to lose? In that case I disrespect half the league every week.

    I don’t believe that to be the case.
  20. RollChos's Avatar
    A little disrespect toward UCO, however, after the way we played the first two weeks, maybe we deserved it
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