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  1. BlazerNation's Avatar
    I hope you’re correct! Many felt this way going into 2012 title game vs. WSSU and they showed up big. Gonna be a good one. My wife and I fly to Dallas Friday. Go Blazers!
  2. Clydes 'N Rams's Avatar
    Raymond, another good preview.

    I see the talent levels much deeper with VSU especially on offense but hoping NDU's defense can keep it within a couple of TD,s & then you never know what can happen.
  3. Wide_Right's Avatar
    Really nice article. Great observations.
  4. Larold's Avatar
    Nice article. My first of your Blog(s)
    Objective, and just maybe a little tongue in cheek lol.
    Your pick and it's subliminal (2-0 when you pick against ND)message makes this game even more exciting.
    Good, clean, injury free game. GO D2!!!
  5. Joe Price's Avatar
    Great write-up Matt.
  6. Bearalum13's Avatar
    Great retelling of the Miracle at Moretz, Chuck! Felt like I was reliving the play while reading your post.

    Didn’t travel due to weather so i’m hoping the live stream works well.
  7. BlazerNation's Avatar
    I hope you’re right Andy! Thanks for sharing your thoughts each week. Always enjoy reading and look forward to it. Go Blazers!
  8. Rollodex's Avatar
    Good read got my nervous but Go Blazers in what suppose to be a downpour
  9. Matt Witwicki's Avatar
    Chuck....the detail and links in your are really good at this bud.
  10. laker's Avatar
    Thanks for not forgetting about this game, Witt. Interesting analysis. Go Dragons!
  11. Wide_Right's Avatar
    Great Observations. I didn't know a lot of what you pointed out in this piece. I think the Blazers are going to be a bit surprised at how efficient L.R. is at running the ball. And they also have a QB, who can fling the ball quite well. I would not be surprised if VSU was tied or even behind. But watch out 2nd.
    Looking forward to great game and no injures. And prudent penally calls. Cheers! David

    ** The G.S.C. won't be the same without YOU!!!
  12. Bearhof's Avatar
    Very well done Chuck and LR is a great Christian school with a fantastic atmosphere for games on the campus between the bricks. Our new 14 thousand square foot sports performance project is ready to break ground. Going to be awesome for recruiting and top notch enhancements for mental and physical performance. You want find anything better in all of Division two according to the consultant from Gran Valley State.
  13. Andy Davis's Avatar
    Great read, as usual, Chuck! I also picked VSU by 7. It should be a great matchup!
  14. SCABS040712's Avatar
    look on the bright saved $1,000.00
  15. Rollodex's Avatar
    How about them Blazers 66-16
  16. OICU812's Avatar
    Always appreciate reading your write ups! Thanks for doing them. Go Cats!
  17. Redwing's Avatar
    Interesting pick. Tough game to call since I've heard about some potential significant injuries... one being to Mr JC. Keep the words a comin' and enjoy your roles at 97.1 (in spite of my dislike of Valenti)
  18. OneOwtDog's Avatar
    Just believe
  19. Punt Into The Wind's Avatar
    Very good analysis Ian! I agree with most all of your points. As always this time of year, our big time players will have to make big time plays, turnovers must be at a minimum while taking some shots, and we must win special teams. Hope to see you in Big Rapids!
  20. Horror Child's Avatar
    this may have been a case of smoke and mirrors as both Kutztown and West Chester rolled through a weak division this season and racked up impressive records while the PSAC West and the GMAC beat up on each other
    Slippery Rock has lost two games - both were PSAC East schools. IUP lost to Ship. Cal lost to Kutztown and Gannon - a team that both Kutztown and West Chester defeated. Doesn't really look like the PSAC West beat up on each other. Laughable.
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