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  1. Historical Run Continues for Cinderella Argonauts

    Lavender's blue, dilly dilly, lavender's green,
    When I am king, dilly dilly, you shall be queen:

    More dilly dilly? Plenty more!

    From Budweiser’s commercial to Cinderella’s singing, this old English phrase has become trendy the past couple of years. That’s the same amount of time AFCA Region 2 Coach of the Year Pete Shinnick and West Florida have fielded a competitive football ...

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  2. Week 13 Recaps

  3. Week 11 Recaps

  4. Regional Rankings reviewed

    The Regional Rankings can be confusing to understand; particularly when a team's ranking doesn't align with the and AFCA Coaches Polls. But the Regional Rankings is the one ranking system that actually matters in Division II football. The playoff bracket is built off of those rankings, not the polls. The Regional Rankings will continue to be released each Monday until "Selection Sunday," the day after the final regular season games.

    Those who have been doing this ...
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  5. 1st SR1 Ranking Thoughts

    The top three teams in the region are clear favorites and it is now a matter of who gets home field advantage. The bottom half of the region has a lot of sorting out to do over the final three weeks of the season.

    1. IUP 8-0

    They are the top dog in the region. They have handled business to date and are in position for the top seed. They have winnable games left with Gannon and Mercyhurst before the PSAC championship game on November 11th. The Crimson Hawks have ...
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