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  1. PSAC: Let's hear it for Danny Hale

    Two hundred wins sounds nice, right?
    It is a nice, round number. It is a good way to encapsulate a career.
    But I have a feeling the number of wins Danny Hale has had over the years is well over 200. If it is true that some coaches get into the business to make an impression on the lives they coach, then Hale has thousands of victories.
    Hale will be going for his 200th career win on Saturday when Bloomsburg takes on Cheyney at 3:30 p.m. The win is little more than a formality

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  2. MIAA - Northwest's rebound, how PSU will avoid a letdown & more MIAA action

    Does anybody else feel bad for Central Missouri, who gets to play the role of Northwest's rebound chick this weekend at homecoming?

    The Bearcats are coming off a tough break-up with their conference win streak, and I don't see Adam Dorrel, Blake Christopher and company drowning in their own sorrows too long. Nope, I think they're already out on the prowl looking to make themselves feel better.

    Now if this was a real rebound, Central would get at least some enjoyment ...

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  3. How Tuskegee's Head Coach Feels about David Carter

    When I asked Coach Willie Slater (Tuskegee Head Coach) to describe in one word how he feels about David Carter (Morehouse prolific RB). I reminded the coach that Carter is first in the SIAC and fifth in the nation in rushing with 711yards, he stated "that's easy, FEAR"! Coach further replied, "Carter is a great offensive weapon, with an an awesome offensive line".

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  4. Augie Tries To Claw Back To 500

    Augustana (2-3) at Northern State (1-4)
    Last Year: 31-15, Augustana

    Two weeks ago at this time very few people outside of close circles around the Augustana Football program knew much about Dajon Newell. Sure most of the coaches in the Northern Sun pobably had heard of him as a spedy running back from Lakeville High School in Minnesota, but he was virtually unknown as a college running back.

    Today, he comes into this week's game at Northern State as the reigning ...
  5. GSC vs GAC again...stop scratching, apply ointment

    Like a rectal itch you've just begun to scratch, the Great American Conference won't go away. It doesn't feel good and you know it's only there because you scratched it. But it's just there. Annoying you. When you're ready for it to be gone, it pops back up.
    In case you were wondering, the Gulf South Conference continues to match up with GAC teams this week. I'm over it. They left the conference and in my mind I was done researching them. Luckily the coverage will be done soon. Because unlike ...