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  1. NSIC Preview - Week 10

    (Pictured: Luke Papilion-USF, Nick Pierucinni. Photos: USF Athletics, Mankato Times)

    Interesting note heading into the Week 10 games. Home teams have won 37 games this fall in the NSIC, while visitors have won 35. Going into last week it was 32 all. Maybe this speaks to home field advantage not really being that big a thing in the conference. It could very well speak to the parity in the league in ...

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  2. Week 10

    Henderson kept its playoff hopes alive with a 76-7 whipping of Southern Nazarene. Arkansas Tech gave themselves a chance with a 53-21 win over Northwestern Oklahoma. Harding on the other hand ended their playoff hopes with a 21-13 loss at Southwestern Oklahoma. If Henderson wins this week they will lock up a playoff spot. If Arkansas Tech wins this week against Southwestern Oklahoma they continue to keep their playoff hopes alive and will be in the driverís seat for the Live United Bowl. However, ...

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  3. Divisional Titles On The Line In The PSAC

    As hard as it is to believe, weíre already heading down the home stretch in this 2015 Division II football season. Playoffs will take us deep into December, but for most the D2 athletes around the country, these next two weeks will round out the season.

    The divisional races and regional rankings are still the primary focus for now. On the divisional front, Slippery Rock and Shippensburg are in the driversí seats. Each team can advance to the PSAC Championship game with a win on Saturday. ...

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  4. GSC Week 10: SR 2 Regional Rankings, Previews, and Picks

    I canít believe the regular season is about to wrap up! Iím a little sad about that fact, but the flip side of the downer is that the Ďsecond seasoní will be starting soon.

    As we wind down Gulf South Conference competition for 2015 over the next couple of weeks, some of the GSC teams will be heading into the post-season. Just how many and who they will be is yet to be determined, however.

    Hereís a look at where things stand going into Week 10.

    SR2 Regional
  5. South Atlantic Conference Column - Week 10

    I wouldn't exactly compare the future NCAA Division II playoff seedings to Oprah's infamous "Famous Car Giveaway" where everyone in her audience back in 2004 took home a new car, but the South Atlantic Conference is equally as giddy about multiple league teams potentially gaining entry in Super Region Two.

    Instead of 276 free cars being passed out like candy to the viewing audience, teams would love to hear the legendary talk show host exclaim, "You get a postseason berth! You get ...

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