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  1. GLIAC 2016 - Week 11 Pick'Em

    Almost a perfect week last week. Honest to God, once I realized that I had misread the schedule (yeah, bright guy over here) and realized Wayne was AT Ohio Dominican and not at home I logged in to change my pick. Nitzche's "the first reaction is usually the correct one" hit me, and I chickened-out on executing the alteration. Oh well. Thanks again to svsu for running the game for us this year. Far to kind of you!

    Not like this week is super easy. Why start with simple picks ...
  2. SR4 & GLIAC Playoffs

    Much like when I wrote the GLIAC Blog, I have always maintained that digging too deeply into potential playoff scenarios prior to Week 11 is simply not worth it. There are simply WAY too many variables involved, particularly when there are weeks worth of games still to be played. So, now that we're down to the final Saturday of the season, it is a BIT easier to try and take a stab or two:

    1) - Grand Valley - 10-0
    In my view, the Lakers are the only team that is 100% in the ...
  3. MEC Week 11 on Thursday -- Fairmont State marches toward the Playoffs!

    It's the week to wrap things up. The election cycle wrapped up for a couple of years, I wrapped up a major inspection at work this week, and now we reach the conclusion of the regular season. The MEC owns the Thursday night spotlight with two very intriguing games. At Charleston, Cinderella measures her feet as UVA-Wise finalizes its new benchmark. At Fairmont, the Falcons fight to stay in the playoffs. Win, and they're in.

    It's Thursday night, and it's almost time for MEC football! ...
  4. Championship Weekend in PSAC

    Entering the final week of the season, we all eagerly anticipate huge conference championship games and, matchups with playoff implications as well as the unveiling of the championship field on Sunday evening. But for the vast majority of Division II teams, this Saturday brings the 2016 season to a close. Only 28 teams will make the playoffs and a few others will be invited to post season bowl games, but for most, this is it. Everything that the teams do this week is the last time they will do it. ...
  5. MEC Week 10 - Fairmont State vs Shepherd = Survivor: Shepherdstown

    We're almost to the end. Week 10 saw an epic battle between Fairmont State and Shepherd for first in the conference, a game that was worth watching from start to finish for the record crowd. Notre Dame needed a win to remain in the playoff conversation. And the Concord-WV State game kept the statisticians busy.

    ​So, what happened ....

    West Liberty 41

    Glenville State 24

    The Hilltoppers allowed Glenville State ...
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