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  1. All-GSC Regional Finals

    Dilly dilly! For the first time in since 2014, two Gulf South Conference teams will battle for the Super Region Two championship and a berth into the national semi-finals.

    In this matchup, the Cinderella West Florida Argonauts (9-3) travel up to Livingston again to take on the 2017 GSC Champion West Alabama Tigers (10-2). The last time the two squads met was the final Saturday of ...

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  2. Week 13 in the NE-10: Regional Championship Edition

    Welcome to the regional championship round of the playoffs. For the first time in six years, the NE-10 has advanced this far and will look to take their first regional title.

    IUP Playoff History

    18th playoff appearance

    21-17 overall record

    1-0 against the NE-10

    Assumption Playoff History

    3rd playoff appearance

    3-2 overall record

    1-1 against the PSAC

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