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    Any thoughts on the new gluten free bacon?
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    Without Ryan, the offense is just not the same. Sturm has not been as productive as last year. Leary played well against SCSU in the 2nd half and then didn't play again until Pace. It has been an off year for them in general.
  3. ccchhhrrriiisss's Avatar
    With the lone exception of your West Texas A&M v. Eastern New Mexico score, your picks were spot on this week (again). I can't fault you for the WT score though. That was surprising.
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    I enjoy reading your review each week. Your insight is usually right on. Thanks for doing....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake Riepma
    That is an interesting point, but I'm not going to get into that on here.
    No doubt... It's touchy at best. Stick to on field things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redwing
    I do wonder what, if any, impact the eligibility issue cloud might have on FSU/Sag game. Probably little, but it can't help FSU any.
    That is an interesting point, but I'm not going to get into that on here.
  7. Horror Child's Avatar
    Paul, Any insight to the Bentley QB situation? It seemed they soured on Sturm and started Leary against Pace, but after Leary's second interception, went back to Sturm in the 4th quarter. The Bentley offense is more hurt by their lack of a running game and the loss of their top two receivers than QB play.
  8. Redwing's Avatar
    I do wonder what, if any, impact the eligibility issue cloud might have on FSU/Sag game. Probably little, but it can't help FSU any.
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    Congrats on your 97.1 gig (though I'm not sure what it is.) Not a fan of Valenti, but the other staff is more entertaining than not. And keep the blogs a coming. It's fun reading a different perspective or two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Predatory Primates
    There is no way Hays scores 27 on Pitt unless they have a couple of pick sixes, or break out a slew of trick plays. Whoever breaks 21 wins this one.
    Boy was I ever wrong.
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    Went 5-0 this week on predictions. Few eye openers
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    @LionsRChampions - I think that you can say the same thing about other levels of NCAA football. For instance, the PAC 12 always has a tough time because they play one another. That's very different from the ACC. There are some conferences that are just stacked. The LSC is surprisingly deep this season. Commerce, TSU, MSU, etc. are all very real contenders.
  13. LionsRChampions's Avatar
    A call on a call catch called incomplete that was clearly complete. TSU got a god return on the $ they laid this crew. THe LSC will always be second rate because the confernce leadership is asleep at the wheel. I am hoping we move to the GAC.
  14. LionsRChampions's Avatar
    Can’t wait to see the stat sheet - TSU has had every call EVERY ONE. The LSC cannot be a premier conference when the Commissioner allows this pathetically bad officiating. Did the Lions play well, no. But I bet everything I own that Midwestern will not get calls like this against them when they play TSU.
  15. Joe Price's Avatar
    I agree that the opponents that Commerce has played have been better. There is no doubt about that. Literally, every week seems like a playoff game for the Lions.

    But, the Lions have had a real difficult time this season on transition from last year to this year. I do think they have caught some fire right now with Wilson and he may have been the answer; but, it wasn’t like that early on.

    TSU is good...they have the one of the best run games that Commerce will have played to date.
  16. Ian Carlson's Avatar
    Good point on DU, but it likely wasn’t going to matter anyway.
  17. LionsRChampions's Avatar
    Joe - I am really disappointed in D2 football. When you look at the quality of teams TSU has played, their opponents strengths of schedule, and dig dep into the numbers... I would say TAMUC has had a tougher time. We’ve already played 2 nationally ranked teams and finally overcome the dubious officiating at MSU. We are seeing the same fire we saw in the playoffs last year and played far more big games..Last week, we by far did the most traveling (Com to WF TO Com to Denton) vs one trip for MSU.
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    Thank you!
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    Great work Joe!
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    For what it's worth, I don't believe Davenport is eligible for the NCAA playoffs because this is they're in Provisional Year Three of their transition from NAIA to D2, which could open up a spot for another MIAA team.

    Davenport would become eligible starting next season once they complete the transition and become full D2 members.
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