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Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

  1. The Second Season is Here!

    With the conclusion of last week’s games, the season ended for half the conference. However, the teams in the other half of the twelve team conference are all guaranteed at least one more game, with two of them having the potential for more. Not only did Fort Hays State and Northwest Missouri State make it to the playoffs, but MIAA teams were selected in all four of the postseason bowls in D2---and not without a little bit of controversy. Central Missouri got the bid in the Mineral Water Bowl ...
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  2. GLIAC 2017 - Week 7 Pick'Em

    Hey Guys.

    Sorry for the lack of depth on the picks lately. What can I say...been super busy. Am blessed to be so. Will see what I can whip up for you here:

    Northern @ Tiffin

    Northern has, traditionally, always been immediately in the hole by 4+ when they hit the road. If Jake Mayon can't play (that seems to be a prevailing opinion), that adds to the trouble. Toss in a defense giving up a league-worst 492 yards per game, and this sure looks ...
  3. GLIAC 2017 - Week 5 Pick'Em

    Ashland @ Davenport

    Not much to say here, Gang. AU's D is elite, and Davenport's O is still a work-in-progress. Kind of a similar story on the other side of the ball as well. These are the sorts of match-ups the Eagles seem to feast on, and it's hard for me to believe we won't see something significantly lopsided here.

    Northwood @ Tiffin

    I wonder if Tiffin is going to replace Hillsdale (for a year, anyway) as the team that "I just can't pick ...
  4. GLIAC 2017 - Week 4 Pick'Em

    Tech @ SVSU

    After strong showings in their first two weeks, Tech struggled last week. It appeared that their ability to be balanced on offense hasn't quite developed, at least not compared to what they've been able to do in recent years. The Cards also lost for the first time last Saturday, and the circumstances were similar...they got off schedule, fell behind, and simply didn't have the firepower to catch up. That said, SV certainly showed a greater ability than Tech to be able ...
  5. GLIAC 2017 - Week 3 Pick'Em

    Tiffin @ Davenport

    Tiffin "got right" last week...playing Lake Erie will do that for you. Now, they face a Davenport squad that has been, in all honesty, surprisingly underwhelming thus far. I'm not intending to disparage them, and things may look quite a bit different by the season's end. That said, they have a few D1 guys on the roster and they figured out how to win some ballgames last year. No, NAIA teams aren't the same, but there are schollie guys on those clubs nonetheless ...
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