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  1. SAC Football: Week 4 Preview

    The threats from Hurricane Florence forced numerous changes to the week three college football schedule. Only one of five SAC games went off as originally planned. Three were rescheduled and one was cancelled. Its definitely a hardship to move football games during the same week and I am grateful to everyone that contributed to making those games happen. Thankfully we were able to get most of them in, and most importantly all of the games that will impact conference standings were played.
  2. CIAA Week 1: The Out Of Conference Saga Begins

    As I read the USA Today sports section, my eyes were drawn to the upcoming schedule. There is was. The header read: College Football. I looked to see when the schedule of upcoming games, the first game said: Bowie State vs Wagner, Thursday, 6pm. Yes! It is time. It is really time! The CIAA season starts off on Thursday with four games, including the aforementioned Bowie State game.

    There’s one thing worth noticing in this year’s master schedule: the prevalence of FCS games. ...
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  3. SAC 2018 Preseason Blog

    The 2018 College Football season is only a couple of weeks away. For the South Atlantic Conference, it should be a fantastic season with as many as five teams with a realistic shot at contending for the league championship.

    The SAC recently held its digital media day where each coach was available for questions and answers. Just prior, the league unveiled the coaches poll and the Preseason All-Conference teams. Carson-Newman was picked as the favorite by the coaches. The Eagles are ...

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  4. CIAA Week 2 Preview

    Last week’s theme was resiliency. All the winning teams faced some level of adversity during their games and they were able to find a way to capitalize and convert into scoring. Virginia State in particular forged a gritty win against in-state, upper division rival Norfolk State. The Trojans managed to do so despite breaking in two new quarterbacks, overcoming some costly turnovers, and a very meager passing game. Most impressively, the Trojan defense managed to keep Norfolk’s offense in ...
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  5. MEC Week 1 Review

    The highly anticipated opening week of college football finally kicked off and is now behind us. Week 1 only offers a small glimpse of what’s to come throughout the season; but fans desperately use that small window to begin answering questions about graduating seniors’ replacements, coaching change impacts and how the team stacks up with the others in the conference and region.

    For some, there are signs of optimism. Others may feel defeated already. Some results were probably ...

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