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  1. CIAA Week 4 - When the South Goes North

    In Memoriam

    This week’s blog is dedicated in memory of Robert Grays. Grays, a Sophomore Defensive Back from Midwestern State, a Lone Star Conference member, passed away after suffering a neck injury during MSU’s game last Saturday. It’s a reminder that football, for all of its glory, is a risky sport and I hope that the powers that be continue to make strides in making the game safer. My prayers are with his family.

    What Does The CIAA Look Like After “Non-Conference” ...
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  2. CIAA Week 3 - Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    If you’ve been waiting for Bowie State to field a complete team that can dominate on both sides of the ball – well, we may very well be seeing that before our very eyes. The Bulldogs manhandled previous ranked and now unranked Winston-Salem last week in quite a show of force. A few things stood out in last week’s game:

    1. Bowie absolutely smothered the WSSU run game: Last year’ conference championship game shows Kerrion Moore absolutely trampling the Bulldog ...
  3. CIAA Week 2 Preview

    Last week’s theme was resiliency. All the winning teams faced some level of adversity during their games and they were able to find a way to capitalize and convert into scoring. Virginia State in particular forged a gritty win against in-state, upper division rival Norfolk State. The Trojans managed to do so despite breaking in two new quarterbacks, overcoming some costly turnovers, and a very meager passing game. Most impressively, the Trojan defense managed to keep Norfolk’s offense in ...
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  4. CIAA Week 1 - Football is back!

    We all yearn for this moment in the year – the moment that teams stop hitting each other and instead unload on unsuspecting opponents. The first game of the season normally brings some surprises among the conference. Last year, it was Elizabeth City State nearly defeating former CIAA and current MEAC rival Norfolk State; the year before last, it was Chowan’s transfers absolutely dismantling Fayetteville State after wondering who will replace its offense. This year, we are left wondering who ...
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  5. Its the 2017 CIAA Season Preview!

    Welcome to another season of CIAA football. This year marks the 125th year of Black College football. For those who are new to the CIAA, the conference is the midst of improving its quality of football in order to compete on a national stage. This should be another exciting year. I expect two teams to make it into the playoffs this year. Here’s what you need to know about this year:

    What’s new in the CIAA: The conference rejoined Super Region II after the NCAA reshuffle the ...
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