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Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association

  1. CIAA Week 8 Thoughts

    Its Week 8, and we are far enough into the season to really start thinking about the playoffs. The CIAA is contending in a year that features particularly strong candidates Ė at least on paper.This is where every game becomes more and more important.Here are my thoughts on the contenders:

    Mountain East: Fairmont State (7-0) and Shepherd (6-0) are on a collision course for the MEC crown and have yet to play. Shepherd has already survived the hardest part of its schedule, but plays ...
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  2. CIAA Week 7 Preview

    The CIAA is rarely without its theatrics. After watching the conference deal with political shenanigans and canceling its basketball media day, we saw what was probably the conferenceís first ever FOUR DAY football weekend. While the games finished in largely predictable fashion, they werenít without their own set of theatrics. Like a movie, the drama started on Thursday and awesomely finished with the last game on Sunday.

    In chronological order:

    On Thursday night,
  3. CIAA Week 5 / Crossover Week #2

    The big news to come out this week came off the field. The rumors of the CIAA potentially moving the football championship are heating up.The rumors are the fallout of NCís House Bill 2, and the Billís passage has resulted in several athletic events leaving the state.Iím actually surprised to see the CIAA actually make a move on this because 1. NC and the CIAA are synonymous with each other and 2. Where is the championship going to go on short notice?( and if you point to a member school stadium, ...
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  4. CIAA Week : Its Crossover Week #1!

    If you are CIAA fan, you probably are suffering from a case of split personality. In one corner, itís the North, with the shine of offenses chewing up yards, scoring lots of points, and winning games.In the South, itís a decidedly darker picture, with impotence spewing everywhere.Itís like having two conferences in one! We now slide out of nonconference action and into crossover play without any clear picture as to whom are the front runners are in either division.My rationale for such a thought ...
  5. CIAA Week 3 Predictions

    ďThe rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.Ē

    Such could have been said earlier this year about the Bowie State football success, one that had been stuck in mediocrity the past few seasons. While the coachesí preseason poll vote BSU second-best in the conference, many naysayers howled and groaned that the Bulldogs werenít worthy of such a spot. Yes, the case could have been made that last year was a fluke, even with a D-II playoff berth, and things certainly werenít looking up ...
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