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Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association

  1. CIAA Preseason Outlook Part 2

    In Part II of the preseason preview, I will discuss the conference’s top half. The discussion is centered more on winning the championship.These are the six teams expected to contend for the crown:

    6. Fayetteville State Broncos

    Why they can win the conference: Fayetteville State’s staff includes two championship-pedigreed coaches: Head Coach Richard Hayes, Jr. and Offensive Coordinator Duane Taylor.
    Both are transplants from arch-rival Winston-Salem State that know what
  2. CIAA Preseason Outlook Part 1

    There comes a time in a suspenseful movie where a masked marauder playing as a main character is revealed. As your informal blogger for a year, I thoroughly enjoyed spending time covering the season and its many twists and turns. The CIAA certainly deserves quality coverage and I hope to continue to provide that same or better insightful coverage from week to week just like our venerable SR1 cast mates Chuck and Paul.

    Now that we have exchanged pleasantries: welcome to the 2016 edition

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  3. Week 12 Game Stories in the NE-10

  4. Week 12 in the NE-10 - Playoff Edition

    Welcome to playoff football.

    It is win or go home this time of the season and all of the 24 teams are vying for a chance to play for a national championship. Only one team can be crowned champion.

    Virginia State Playoff History

    1st playoff appearance

    0-0 overall record

    0-0 against the NE-10

    LIU Post Playoff History

    4th overall playoff appearance

    2-3 overall record

    CIAA , ‎ NE-10
  5. WSSSU escapes and VSU rolls into Championship Saturday

    Well its finally here and maybe this year we will actually get to see the game. Yes, I am talking about that game. Although many of us thought this game should have been played last year. The decision was made not to play because of fears that were unfounded. Once everything was played out we had one person being held responsible for the mayhem.
    Although in my opinion last year’s WSSU team would have won the game if Rudy Johnson played; without him, I am not so sure. So it’s clear ...
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