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  1. MEC's Week 10 - The Other Games

    The Mountain East Conference doesn't officially have a conference championship game; but one is being played tomorrow. Below you'll find the other games taking place in the conference. Since Notre Dame suffered a second loss last week to Fairmont State, all of the teams in these games are out of the playoffs. Some may just be happy to see the season wind down while others are still fighting to see just how high they can go.

    Charleston @ Alderson-Broaddus

    Multi-Sport ...
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  2. Thursday Night in the MEC

    West Liberty @ Glenville State

    Morris Stadium Glenville, WV

    2016 Records: West Liberty 3-6; Glenville State 5-4
    2015 Records: West Liberty 5-6; Glenville State 7-4

    Recent Meetings:
    2015: Glenville State, 41-14
    2014: West Liberty, 27-24 (OT)
    2013: West Liberty, 16-13

    West Liberty loses a heart-breaking nail-biter to UVA-Wise, gets dominated by Notre Dame the following week and then trades leads back-and-forth ...
  3. Week 9 Results in the MEC - Allowing a Battle of the Unbeatens Next Week

    Both Fairmont State and Shepherd won. This means their game next week will determine the conference champion and provide some movement in the Regional Rankings. UVA-Wise locked up a winning season and still have the potential to finish 8-3.

    So, what happened ....

    Notre Dame 19
    Fairmont State 23

    This game was close to the very end. Notre Dame had a few chances to take the go-ahead lead, but failed to ...
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  4. MEC Week 9 on Saturday -- Making Sure Shepherd Handles Its Own Business

    Glenville State @ Concord

    Callaghan Stadium Athens, WV

    2016 Records: Glenville State 4-4; Concord 2-6
    2015 Records: Glenville State 7-4; Concord 5-5

    Recent Meetings:
    2015: Glenville State, 30-25
    2014: Concord, 54-27
    2013: Did Not Play

    Glenville State ended a 4-game slide with a big win over the Yellow Jackets a week ago. The Pioneers appeared to return to early-season form. Well, after the three ...
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  5. MEC's Decisive Battle: Notre Dame (7-1) @ Fairmont State (8-0)

    Notre Dame College @ Fairmont State University
    The Ultimate Battle of the Falcons

    Duvall-Rosier Field Fairmont, WV

    2016 Records: Notre Dame 7-1; Fairmont State 8-0
    2015 Records: Notre Dame 5-6; Fairmont State 6-4

    Recent Meetings:
    2015: Fairmont State, 33-24
    2014: Notre Dame, 42-35
    2013: Did Not Play

    On one sideline you have the Fairmont State Fighting Falcons. On the other sideline you have ...
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