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  1. The Real Season is About to Begin

    Well, as exciting as the concept of Rivalry Week in the last week of the regular season is, the actual games largely did not live up to that billing, as only one game was decided by less than 10 points. Three of the games were bona fide blowouts, all won by the three MIAA teams that were selected to participate in the 2016 NCAA Division II Football Playoffs, with the Bearcats, Hornets, and Mules making the dance. Two MIAA teams will be going bowling, as Washburn was selected to go to the Mineral ...
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  2. Rivalry Week and the Final Push to the Postseason

    It’s that time of year…Rivalry Week! I’m glad the MIAA moved this back to the end of the season this year, as it makes an exciting final week of the season even more so. The playoffs are less than two weeks away, and while the Regional Rankings somewhat surprisingly did not change in the top seven this past week, the Rivalry Week games could absolutely cause some shakeups among the three MIAA teams that reside in that top seven. Before we get to the games this week and another look at the playoffs, ...
  3. Predictions for Tomorrows third Regional Rankings

    Once again, NSIC Columnist Matt Witwicki, former GAC Columnist Armo Wood, and I had a conference call to discuss where we thought the Super Region 3 Regional Advisory Committee might put the teams in tomorrow’s regional rankings. In case you had forgotten, here are last week’s rankings:

    1. NWMSU
    2. USF
    3. Harding
    4. ESU
    5. UMD
    6. Azusa Pacific
    7. UCM
    8. Bemidji
    9. Southern Arkansas
    10. Henderson St.

    For the most part, ...
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  4. Week 10 and the Ever-Changing Playoff Picture

    After finally getting all the games right for the first time this season in Week 8, Week 9 roughed me up a bit, as I went 3-3 for the second time this year. Once again, both the Hornets and Lopers proved me wrong…which is a very good thing for the Hornets and a not so good thing for the Lopers. Also good for the Hornets this week was the news that they jumped UMD in this week’s Regional Rankings, moving up from fifth to fourth. Joining them and the Bearcats this week in the top seven of the rankings ...
  5. Debating the First Regional Rankings and Two Big Games This Week

    The big news this week is, without question, the release of the first regional rankings. This has usually been the case in years past, but this year’s release has gotten extra buzz primarily due to how differently the criteria were applied in our Super Region 3. Going in, it was known that the Regional Advisory Committee in SR3 would likely require some additional input in order to rank the teams, since three of the four conferences (GAC, MIAA, and NSIC) do not play any out of conference games. ...

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