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  1. cbgorilla's Avatar
    Ian is a great guy. I have met him. Thanks for doing the blog.
  2. Predatory Primates's Avatar
    Thanks for the great blogs. We are really lucky to have you.
  3. Ian Carlson's Avatar
    Thanks so much, guys! Truly the best fans in D2!
  4. Bearcatfan6666's Avatar
    Thanks Ian for all the hard work!
  5. mtxe's Avatar
    Nice read, Thanks for all you do for the MIAA...Merry Christmas!
  6. catbacker03's Avatar
    Another good read, thanks Ian.
  7. stubintner's Avatar
    Another good summary!
  8. NW XCowboy's Avatar
    As a "lurker" I have been reading your blogs and MB posts for years, though my minor participation did not begin till this year. I have always been impressed by your insight and objective analysis. Your predictions, bold or otherwise, are always interesting and thought provoking. I have enjoyed your commentary this year, and look forward to the future! Thank You!!!
  9. Bigbadbod's Avatar
    Ian, among the normal ignorance, blather and tripe on the MIAA message board, you stood out like a rock. Yo da man!
  10. Matt Witwicki's Avatar
    Good stuff buddy.
  11. NW Normal's Avatar
    Ian, you have done a nice job of in-depth discussion and insight over the entire season. Regarding your predictions, I say, "Go bold or don't go at all." See you next season. Enjoy the holidays!
  12. Thepeman's Avatar
    Well done, Happy Holidays to you as well!
  13. catbacker03's Avatar
    good read and well written
  14. catbacker03's Avatar
    good read and well written.
  15. Predatory Primates's Avatar
    Really well done.
  16. Ian Carlson's Avatar
    Thanks lion1983!

    Thanks for the correction.....I knew the Lions had lost their last two games on grass but just assumed one was the JSU game. It was actually last year's game against WOU (as I'm sure you know).
  17. lion1983's Avatar
    Jacksonville St. Loss was not on grass.

    Great blog.
  18. Bearcatfan6666's Avatar
    Thanks Ian!
  19. Bearcatfan6666's Avatar
    Thanks Ian!
  20. Predatory Primates's Avatar
    Really well done. I appreciate all the work you put into these, and I'm sure most others do, as well.
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