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  1. Go Hornets!'s Avatar
    Great rundown of the league. Heading to Joplin to catch the Hornets and looking for a good win tonight. Go Hornets! Stingers Up!
  2. Bigbadbod's Avatar
    amazing analysis, ian. it's one thing to have all that knowledge up there; quite another thing to express it coherently with the written word. a pleasure reading this every week. you seem to be getting gooder and gooder at it.
  3. Ian Carlson's Avatar
    I don't disagree at all, GrifFan. In fact, I would be pretty surprised if it ended up that way.
  4. GrifFan's Avatar
    A team that loses to UNK out of the gate can't squawk about where they're ranked, but I think in the end the season will show that game was an anomaly and they will be much better than the 10th best team in the conference.
  5. Predatory Primates's Avatar
    Good job, as always.
    Thanks for doing it.
  6. HookemHerd's Avatar
    Great post Ian
  7. GRIFFan_Kyle@MoWest's Avatar
    Hope your crystal ball is right again for tonight's game in St. Joe. I don't know if I can take losing a 2nd game in a row to the likes of MSSU.
  8. GRIFFan_Kyle@MoWest's Avatar
    Gotta eat my helping of crow Ian. I took exception to your prediction for the week one MW/UNK game and you called it right. Great foresight by you and awesome win for UNK. Hate to see the Griffs lose but can't help but be happy for UNK's team, new coach, and fanbase. I don't want to see UNK leave the MIAA so I'm glad they have some fresh optimism for their football program.
  9. bigsig50's Avatar
    Great stuff as always! Nice observation on Darrius Williams. He's a good one! A couple others from the Defensive side: Ace Rogers and CJ Bivens. Both could be all conference defenders when it's all said and done.
  10. Go Hornets!'s Avatar
    Great P-S/Wk 1 previews, as usual. Can't even describe how excited I am for the 2017 Hornets! ESU is loaded with experienced seniors and recent recruiting classes have brought in serious talent. Tonight won't make or break NW or ESU as I predict both will run the table and make the playoffs (like last year), but it may determine who gets home field and #1 seed in the playoffs. So in that respect, it is a big game. Awesome to see the Hornets at the doorstep of the national D2 scene. Go Hornets!
  11. Wallst's Avatar
    Ian, I'm guessing you are picking Grand Valley to win the region? Iowa Bearcat I am guessing that Ian is picking Fort Hays or Pitt to beat NW.
  12. IowaBearcat's Avatar
    If not ESU, who prevents NW from getting to 41 in a row?
  13. Predatory Primates's Avatar
    Great stuff. Thanks for the time you put into these.
  14. ichacat's Avatar
    Could be entertaining if a non-MIAA playing SBU were to play a football-playing member of the MIAA in the playoffs this year … one would suspect it would be close to the SBU/Mines beatdown from last year
  15. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    It's so good to be back, my friend. Great work, as usual.
  16. cbgorilla's Avatar
    Ian is a great guy. I have met him. Thanks for doing the blog.
  17. Predatory Primates's Avatar
    Thanks for the great blogs. We are really lucky to have you.
  18. Ian Carlson's Avatar
    Thanks so much, guys! Truly the best fans in D2!
  19. Bearcatfan6666's Avatar
    Thanks Ian for all the hard work!
  20. mtxe's Avatar
    Nice read, Thanks for all you do for the MIAA...Merry Christmas!
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