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  1. The Lone Star Conference Blog is Back!!! Part 2 - Previews and Predictions

    Part 2 of the LSC Blog is here. Let’s take another look at last week. What can we say that we saw in the LSC. First, we saw a team with over 200 yards in penalties. Second, the A&M Commerce and WT fans saw the new NCAA targeting rule being enforced on the field; with 2 WT players being ejected from the game for targeting. Tarleton beat Angelo in the final seconds with an interception. Midwestern got back to running the ball effectively. Kingsville bludgeoned McMurry with the run game and the unexpected ...

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  2. The Lone Star Conference Blog is Back!!! Part 1

    LSC fans, the LSC blog is back up and running. We have had some very good weeks of football through the first 3 weeks. I think the LSC has started out to a good beginning for the season. The LSC is currently 10-2 against Non-LSC opponents. Overall, I think the competition level is up this year in the LSC.

    Reflections on the first few weeks

    Week 1 was fairly uneventful in the start of the season. The one thing that impressed me was that Kingsville won their game against ...

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