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  1. BJ Hawk's Avatar
    Very classy Coach Carthel, Chris Smith, and the TAMUC Lions!
  2. Zombie8myBrainz's Avatar
    That is very classy move by TAMUC!
  3. BuffTough's Avatar
    I think WT wins. The Tarleton game last week was alot closer than what people think. WT was going blow for blow with Tarleton the entire first half just couldn't convert on points. 3 missed FG. WT seemed to lose their composure and jump into a hurry up. They got sucked out of their game. Excellent blog Joe! can't wait to read more
  4. Zombie8myBrainz's Avatar
    Let's go, Greyhounds!
  5. ccchhhrrriiisss's Avatar
    I know that this is late, but I wanted to give you a shout out, Joe. Thank you for this reminder to remember this young man's family, friends, school and community in our thoughts and prayers.
  6. Joe Price's Avatar
    My honor and privilege BJ Hawk.
    Thanks Pops.
  7. ASUPops's Avatar
    Great job JP!!
  8. BJ Hawk's Avatar
    Nice work on the games Joe, thanks for recognizing Robert.
  9. ccchhhrrriiisss's Avatar
    Another excited weekend of football in the LSC!
  10. ccchhhrrriiisss's Avatar
    Good points, Joe.
  11. Joe Price's Avatar
    I think the offensive firepower is not quite there for the Javelinas like last season. Plus, Central W is a decent team. Should not be underestimated. However, the loss of several key positions may be to fault.
  12. ccchhhrrriiisss's Avatar
    Good analysis, Joe. What do you think hurt the Javelinas the most last week? I know that they lost a few quality players at some important positions, but the loss surprised me.
  13. Joe Price's Avatar
    Thanks Zombie. Have a great Saturday and best of luck to ENMU.
  14. Zombie8myBrainz's Avatar
    Awesome stuff!
  15. ccchhhrrriiisss's Avatar
    I agree. Good stuff!
  16. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    It was worth the wait. That game was a battle!
  17. crixus's Avatar
    Best wishes to the Midwestern State Mustangs this season. They always play tough!
  18. crixus's Avatar
    A one day delay isn't bad at all considering how nasty the weather has been in that region. Enjoy the season opener folks!
  19. Zombie8myBrainz's Avatar
    Good stuff, Joe!
  20. Joe Price's Avatar
    Thanks for the prayers Chris. I hope you are well my friend. The LSC still is lacking in the defense department and passing the ball too much plays a large part in the conference woes. Bob Eblen really said it well about why the LSC does not go deeper in the playoffs. I completely agree, "It's 2 things that the LSC playoff teams don't go deep in the playoffs: They are not physical enough on defense and the wide open style of play on the offense is not conducive to winning in the postseason."
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