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    Thanks for the prayers Chris. I hope you are well my friend. The LSC still is lacking in the defense department and passing the ball too much plays a large part in the conference woes. Bob Eblen really said it well about why the LSC does not go deeper in the playoffs. I completely agree, "It's 2 things that the LSC playoff teams don't go deep in the playoffs: They are not physical enough on defense and the wide open style of play on the offense is not conducive to winning in the postseason."
  2. Joe Price's Avatar
    Thank you Chris! I was glad to see the Javelinas pull out the win in the wet conditions. They did just enough to pull it. Their passing in the 2nd half was critical at times and proved to make the difference.
  3. ccchhhrrriiisss's Avatar
    Great analysis! I was glad to the see the Javelinas win the upset.
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    Grand Valley State looked really good today despite a fantastic effort by Commerce. Hopefully, the LSC can eventually break through that playoff wall. I was at the GVSU at Texas A&M-Kingsville semifinal game in 2003. The Javs scored first but they never scored again against Brian Kelly's Lakers. It was especially painful because I had good friends on the team and we really believed that they would win it all.

    Joe, my wife and I will continue to remember you and your family in our prayers.
  5. Joe Price's Avatar
    Wish I could have made it! Thanks for the invite though.
  6. champgymusa's Avatar
    If you are at the game stop over to my motorhome and say hi and we will feed ya too!!! White coach with Laker blue stripe on the front about 20 yards east ot eh main gate by the gate at Jumbotron end! GVSU is hurting for sure but dont write off the Lakers...we have a few back ups that game play a lick or two!! Good luck!
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    Our prayers are continuing to go up for Joe and his family.

    Thanks for helping with the column, Brandon. The Javs surprised me this year with such strong play. They've lost three games by a combined total of five points. They've given us some hope for the future. Even with close losses from my alma mater, the LSC has still been a blast to watch.

    As strong as some teams are this season (e.g., NW Missouri, GVSU, North Alabama, etc.), I'd still love to see an LSC team make a deep playoff run.
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    Keeping Joe and family in our prayers

    Those three losses really hurt. In all three games, we were basically one play away from winning. The team is still learning how to win - last week's win was a good example.

    We do lose some really good players this year, but a strong core is slated to return, and we should continue to improve.

    Great write up Brandon
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    Texas A&M-Kingsville could just as easily be 8-1 or even 9-0 this season. The Hogs were a combined five points away from an undefeated record (a pair of two point losses and a one point loss). I could see a Heart of Texas Bowl bid for TAMU-K.
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    Thank you for the prayers. My baby girl is still in critical status and needs continuous prayers. God Bless! Joe Price
  11. Joe Price's Avatar
    Thanks you friends and Columnists for the prayers! Please continue to pray for my sweet baby Charlotte. God Bless! Joe Price
  12. PIGSKINLOVER's Avatar
    Joe when it comes to your family and your baby, you take the next 3 years off!!! Prayers 🙏🏾
  13. Redwing's Avatar
    B- Heck of a blog. More than just a fill-in. It deserves to be read by more than just the LSC contingent. And prayers for Joe and his family.. especially the little one.
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    Brandon- to use a baseball term on a football forum may be frowned upon, but thanks for coming off the bench late in the game to step up to the plate as a pinch hitter.

    Things like this make me appreciate this site even more!
  15. ccchhhrrriiisss's Avatar
    Thanks for filling in for Joe, Brandon. These are some good observations. As LSC fans -- and Javelinas' fans in particular -- in the Silicon Valley, we rely upon Joe's insight each week. It's been an exciting season for all of the teams. Thanks for keeping Joe's column going strong.

    On a more important matter: My wife and I will be remembering Joe and his family in our thoughts and prayers.
  16. ccchhhrrriiisss's Avatar
    My thoughts and prayers are going up for Joe and his family too.
  17. Matt Witwicki's Avatar are in my thoughts bud. Brandon..great job of filling in and offering big picture perspective.
  18. valleyhog's Avatar
    God Bless and take care of your family.
  19. Javs Fan's Avatar
    Thank you Brandon

    Prayers to Joe and his family.
  20. Casual_Observer's Avatar
    Good Stuff Brandon! Thanks for filling in. I will be praying for Joe and his family here in Wichita Falls.
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