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Peter Eley

  1. Livingstone stays undefeated, WSSU rebounds, and Shaw & VSU get wins...

    Week 4
    The last week of OCC games gave us some interesting perspective on some teams. Additionally it gave us a measuring stick of how we measure up against D2 talent outside of the conference. CIAA teams went 5-6 this includes the crossover game (FSU-VUU).

    What we have learned so far.
    · Livingstone can score, but has yet to play a quality opponent but confidence is a funny thing. They may actually believe that they can win now.

    · ...
  2. Blue Bears improve to 2-0, while VSU fall to 0-2...

    Week 3
    Last week OCC games provided some insight to teams that are looking to compete for the league title. In my opinion the level of competition last week was very strong, however we did not fair so well in the winning department. I believe this is the right move for CIAA football. I know that many argue against that, but who really wants to see our conference champion be denied a first round playoff bye and then get blasted by another conference’s 3rd place team. ...
  3. Rams impress, Blue Bears show heart and Broncos fall out of the saddle...

    Week 2
    Are we finally turning the corner? CIAA teams had a good showing last week as it pertains to out of conference scheduling results. This past week CIAA teams played a fairly respectable OCC schedule resulting in 4 wins (LC, LU, VUU, WSSU). All of these wins I would consider good wins for the programs with the exceptions of the VUU win against a NAIA team not to mention Chowan’s win that counts as a OCC win for conference play.

    Some of the teams that loss ...
  4. CIAA Season Preview and Week 1

    Whew!!! What an off-season so many changes affecting so many teams throughout the league. I’ll do my best to hit the major transactions that did not happen on the field but they directly affect what will happen on the field this year. Being institutions of higher Education our jobs are to educate students first and athletics are an added bonus and brings another facet of collegiate life. Most of the things I will touch on in this blog speak to the things that will affect the product ...

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  5. Short-handed Rams fall short of yearly goal

    Well that its folks, CIAA football is over and it’s officially basketball season a sport that the CIAA is more nationally recognized for. However, there is a little bit left to put to rest. In my preview this year I spoke of how special teams could be the difference for teams in the CIAA. Many teams in the CIAA do not focus much on special teams outside of the return game. It is well known to CIAA followers that WSSU’s chink in the amour was their special teams play overall. ...

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