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Peter Eley

  1. Homecoming Week Part 2: Donít get caught slipping ...

    Week 8

    We have 3 games remaining in the 2014 season... While the OCC is done for now the conference races are heating up. The CIAA North is a 2-team race and they reside in Virginia. VSU and VUU have clearly established themselves as the teams to beat in the division. While VSU was expected to be in this position we have pleasantly been surprised by the resurgence of VUU.

    The CIAA South is also summing up to be a 2-team race also. Unlike the CIAA North, ...

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  2. Homecoming Week Part 1: Donít get caught slipping ...

  3. The cream is starting to rise to the top...

    Week 6
    In week 5 the half waypoint of the season we are starting to see the teams separate. More specifically the better teams are starting to stand out. Examing the CIAA as a whole we are starting to see WSSU lead the pack in the south division as expected. However the North is still a logjam with nearly every team in the division still having a mathematical chance to win it.

    The scoring average last week was usually high thanks to huge ...

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  4. The CIAA has one undefeated team the Blue Bears of Livingstone...

    Week 5
    First of all I can’t go on and not mention the tragedy that has struck St. Aug’s this pass week. If you don’t know by now SAU lost Matthew Mangram, who was an offensive lineman for the Falcons this past season. We send our prayers and condolences to his family and the St. Aug’s family.

    It was the best of times and it was the worst of times. Va State is i the news again and its not good. Recently, we have discovered the financial ...

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  5. Livingstone stays undefeated, WSSU rebounds, and Shaw & VSU get wins...

    Week 4
    The last week of OCC games gave us some interesting perspective on some teams. Additionally it gave us a measuring stick of how we measure up against D2 talent outside of the conference. CIAA teams went 5-6 this includes the crossover game (FSU-VUU).

    What we have learned so far.
    Livingstone can score, but has yet to play a quality opponent but confidence is a funny thing. They may actually believe that they can win now.

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