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    D2 Football Happenins Check it out New D2 Football page
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    Nice Aaron, thanks.
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    Ditto. Some were thinking you just wanted to defect to another conference, but alas, life happens. Congrats on the new gig.
  4. Witt's Avatar
    Good to have you back Aaron.
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    I checked out Minnesota State's one. It looks good for the most part, but there are two kind of significant changes you may want to consider. One, a small one, is that they have been wearing the black jerseys at home in the last year. That would be a nice change with the purple being the alternate. Second, you may want to consider changing the head coach. No other explanation needed on that one.
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    Aaron, are you there??
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    Good luck "Coo"
  8. BIRD DOG's Avatar
    I agree! It could be wide open if there are a couple upsets this week. "Coo". Here is your time. But don't think Mankato isn't going to be ready for you. Play smart and play your game. Absolutelu NO ROOM for mental errors this week.
  9. Chris's Avatar
    If Northwest Missouri takes care of Emporia and Missouri Western over the next two weeks, that could blow the playoff race wide open.

    Or if Sioux Falls beats MSU (I hope not) ... given how high MW jumped last week after beating then-undefeated Emporia.

    The only winner with this newly aligned region is the Mineral Water Bowl, which will get two awesome teams that could win playoff games.
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    Augustana beat NSU at home last year with a late TD. The win over St. Cloud is the first for the Wolves over a former NCC team since their return to the NSIC (Augie, SCSU, UMD, MSU).
  11. BIRD DOG's Avatar
    Stay focused "Coo". Play your game and don't let the mental errors come into factor. Take it one game at a time and battle. "GOOD LUCK"
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    Are the other nsic teams hurt say msu wins out?
    That would put ...
    Msu 11-0
    Duluth 10-1
    Winona 9-2
    Sioux falls 9-2
    It's going to be really tough for Duluth to make it at 10-1 just based on SOS. Which makes you think Winona would be the next team after Mankato based on SOS and h2h Over Sioux falls.
    But teams even out of the GAC at 9-2 would get in based on SOS over Winona.
    I think in this new super region if msu wins out the NSIC only gets one in
  13. BIRD DOG's Avatar
    "Coo". Its all in your hands now. Play strong and play with heart. It will come to you. Enjoy the ride!
  14. Aaron Ziemer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DII-football
    Aaron... How come no write up and prediction on the St. Cloud - Northern State game?
    You know, I have done that twice this year, I do apologize... is it cool to say today that my pick would have been Northern though????

  15. DII-football's Avatar
    Aaron... How come no write up and prediction on the St. Cloud - Northern State game?
  16. MavDad's Avatar
    Schedule wise, the Mavs have a tough road ahead of them. All I know is that it's been a great ride so far and I hope it keeps going!
  17. BIRD DOG's Avatar
    Good luck to ALL teams. "COO" you better be on your A game from here on out. Play to your potential. And clean up the flags "false starts especially".
  18. Taxman's Avatar
    As a UMD fan you don't want upsets to occur. Status quo will get you in. The most likely scenario is for UMD to end up the 6th seed. The next most likely scenario is out of the POs. UMD's SOS should end up in the bottom 6-8 of the region. Yikes.
  19. Bulldog Nation's Avatar
    Aaron, when do the regional ranking come out? And what are the chances that only one NSIC team gets into the playoffs?
  20. BIRD DOG's Avatar
    "Go Coo".
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