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  1. Week Eleven Previews

    Well, Gang...we've made it to the end of another long and winding road. Hard to believe eleven Saturdays can come and go so quickly, but being an old guy I guess I should be used to time flying right past me. It should be a beautiful weekend weather-wise here in the Midwest, so hopefully everyone can get out and enjoy themselves...and maybe even take in a ball game!

    Findlay (6-3, 6-3) at Walsh (2-7, 3-7)

    It should be unique treat for the Oiler seniors...they ...
  2. SR4/GLIAC Playoff Musings

    OK...I promised everybody ONE post about this, so here it is! Just like every year, I stick to only writing about this the week before the final Saturday of the season. SO much changes from week to week that trying to keep up with this for the last month of the year just isn't worth the energy. Now things are much more finite, so let's take a look:

    SuperRegion 4 - Released November 5, 2012

    1. CSU-Pueblo
    2. Ashland
    3. Chadron State
    4. Midwestern ...
  3. Week Ten Recaps

    Let's open this week by congratulating Ashland University on their first GLIAC Championship. The Eagles are still unbeaten, and have clinched the out-right league title. Coach Owens and staff have to be pleased with how well their club has performed this year, and are essentially a lock to make the playoffs regardless of what happens this weekend.

    As for this past weekend, In my six years of writing about the GLIAC for I have seen some interesting things happen. ...
  4. Week Ten Previews

    Two weeks to go, Gang. The GLIAC North is up in the air, as is a possible second GLIAC member claiming a playoff spot (presuming of course that the floor doesn't completely fall out from under Ashland these next two games). Should be an interesting couple of Saturdays, no? Let's take at the one right in front of us:

    Malone (1-7, 1-7) at Findlay (5-3, 5-3)

    The final home game of the year for Findlay opens a two-game slate with the Canton teams. In this first round, ...
  5. Week Nine Recaps

    Hey Gang. My apologies for the lateness (or lack) of the Recaps these last couple of weeks. My weekend schedules were haywire...and frankly, I really didn't think that folks paid much attention to those. However, some of you have specifically requested them so again, my humblest apologies. Here they are for this past weekend...better late than never, right?

    Ferris State 35, Wayne State 24

    Ferris fumbled away three straight possessions in the early going, and Wayne ...
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