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    Another strike against Pueblo: head-to-head loss to Colorado Mesa (20-19 on Oct. 1). Even if Mesa loses to Azusa - which they will, since APU is no joke - there's no way Pueblo jumps Mesa under any circumstances. Same with Colorado Mines (Mesa 40, CSM 39 two weeks before the Mesa-Pueblo game).
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    Interesting read Tony, thanks. I think the move to the MEC will be a good thing for NDC's athletics but I can certainly see why there would be some disappointment from the football office.
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    Great preview Tony!!
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    its a flawed system...the country knows how strong the gliac is but they go by the stupid formula...last year wayne st lost 2 of its last three games and snuck into the playoffs w/ 3 losses only to go all the way to the finals...the reason the gliac and miaa are better than the other conferences is because they have the equivalent of 36 scholarships and the other teams have much less than that...i believe the only other 2 conferences with 36 schollies are the lsc and the gsc
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    (cont'd.)I literally have been told that the GLIAC (now north division?) is the SEC of Division II. Is this just blatant disrespect or a flawed system. Maybe UIndy is the perfect example needed, leave the GLIAC for the GLVC, and make the playoffs for the first time in school history. Good Luck Greyhounds maybe you have helped the GLIAC's case. Please help educate a rookie and where does one go to advocate for a division that deserves more attention nationally. (thanks for reading my rant)
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    (cont'd)The ODU post claiming a tie for second is a bit silly as they would have been sub .500 if they played in the north. Nevertheless, having 2 or 3 losses in the North should not be frowned upon as you can get your lunch handed to you any given week. Does the selection committee not understand the competitive nature of the league. I have been told that there are two other D2 conferences nationally that are strong top to bottom and other teams who are strong yearly but in weak conferences.
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    As a professed rookie if this comes across as naive please pardon the post. I watched about 8 GLIAC games during the recruiting process of my son and a full season this year. I followed the website and blogs weekly. Tony thanks for your work! However, for the North Division to not have a team in the post season is garbage. It is clear that the North is more competitive. No disrespect to the new members of the South, except NDU who is running scared, and good luck to a great AU team.
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    Tony, how do we go about getting an article on the Eagles to be run on the Home Page of D2
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    3 way tie for 2nd place in the GLIAC with Saginaw beating Grand Valley ! Ohio Dominican 7-3 8-3 // Grand Valley St. 7-3 8-3 // Saginaw Valley 7-3 8-3
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    Tony, thanks for the blogs this season. I enjoy reading your insights and perspectives across the league. It's got to be tough to come up with some info and lay out opinions for many to see.

    Hope you keep it up for next season!

    Thanks again.
  14. Tony Nicolette's Avatar
    Think nothing of it, Fan...glad you enjoy the recaps.
  15. ODU-fan's Avatar
    Thanks Tony ! - didn't mean to pressure you
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    I'm Jonesin' for my Recaps!!!!
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    You are reading things into the statement that simply aren't there, 73. Malone has struggled against all of the GLIAC teams on its schedule, including the teams that were less challenging. That's not a pot-shot, it's a fact. Another fact is the South has underperformed this year. Doesn't mean it will be that way next year. Plus, you keep asking who was responsible for the league changes. I wasn't, nor was I commenting on who was or whether the N/S differential is good/bad indifferent.
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    Who was responsible for allowing the Gliac to grow into what it is today? The North division had to know there would be growing pains with these new teams added. They werent exactly powerhouses in their respecive affiliations before asking to join the league. I just expect someone who claims to be a writer for the Gliac to not take pot shots at any one school in the league. My final two cents worth, Jason Taylor class of 92' AU
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    Sorry you took it as a "dig", 73, but facts are facts...the South has underperformed vs. the North. Records speak for themselves, and the bottoms of the lists of the league's major statistical categories are littered with South teams. If they had performed better against their South opponents, I would have mentioned that Malone was trending upward. They didn't. If you aren't willing to accept that the South isn't as strong as the North this year, then you are one of very few.
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