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  1. jim816's Avatar
    Great Post..

    Got the old head heart dilemma going on this week.

    Slippery Rock looks like its the better team from the better conference

    I Think its quite possible for Assumption to play hard play well and make a game out of this and "IF" SR has a bit of an off day to win.

    But based on recent play-off history I got to go with this as my prediction

    SR 38 Assumption 20

    PS: Yeah I understand NE-10 VS SR! and why you would think of contest only for our league so its all good
  2. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    Thanks for the kind words.
  3. NorthEastFB's Avatar
    Great job this year Paul. Thanks for keeping us connected to the NE10! GL to Assumption in the playoffs.
  4. CWP '68's Avatar
    UNH should hope that Gensiejewski is not the referee in this game. He refereed both of Post's last 2 games against Assumption and I'm still waiting for him to flag Assumption's right-side OT (Crotty, #76) who basically gave a clinic on Offensive Holding in both games, while Gensiejewski stood back there with flag in pocket, as if not wanting to interrupt the show. UNH DLs and LBs, be warned.
  5. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    As much as I love New Haven to get a bid in the post season, but to be fair with other teams in the region, I do not see how the committee ranked them as high as number 8 right now especially ahead of Cal and Clarion.
  6. ctrabs74's Avatar
    What's really hurting Shippensburg's chances: three wins against 0-9 teams (Edinboro in crossover play; Cheyney and Millersville in divisional play) and a pair of wins against 2-7 Seton Hill (season opener; non-PSAC mandated crossover) and 2-7 Lock Haven (division play).
  7. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    New Haven once again will not have a loosing season since they reinstated football in 2009. How many football teams can accomplish this task? Go Chargers!!!!!!!!!
  8. ctrabs74's Avatar
    Another factor: CIAA hasn't completed investigation of Bowie State using ineligible player, which would nullify their first four losses. We'll have to wait and see if that impacts the rankings when a decision is made.
  9. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    They were strong on Saturday and have a favorable schedule down the stretch. That was a bad day for Post. They looked over matched and will not get a shot at defending their title.
  10. CWP '68's Avatar
    Based on what I saw at New Haven last Saturday, it would be hard to argue that the Chargers don't deserve to be in the championship game. They're peaking at just the right time.
  11. yellowjacketalum's Avatar
    AIC D is great. This is the best unit I've seen in awhile. Unfortunately the offense is going through growing pains and can't compliment the defense. The future is bright though.
  12. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    I talked about the AIC D last week. They are still very good but their offense is struggling. But they are out of the championship game talk right now. New Haven is in right in the middle of it. Huge game this week between Post and New Haven.
  13. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    Paul, it's really strange that when we talk about defense and we are not talking about AIC defense. AIC is normally one of the top defensive teams in this conference, althought they only allowed 10 points to Bentley. You are right about New Haven defense, we basically shut down Stonehill offense and Tyler Condit was a force once again for New Haven. New Haven is in a three-way tie with both Post and Bentley but UNH owned the tie-breaker vs Bentley so this week's game vs Post is huge.
  14. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    I was more surprised that they didn't show up against AIC. I figured it was the perfect way to bounce back and they didn't. Injuries are hurting them right now but they still have more talent than what they showed last weekend.
  15. CWP '68's Avatar
    Funny you should bring up that Lombardi quote. That's exactly what was going through my mind during the last 1:02 of the Post-Stonehill game and throughout the entire Post-AIC game
  16. ctrabs74's Avatar
    At least you had a relatively short drive; mine was 6 hours out from Pittsburgh to Grand Valley, overnight at a "sketchy" hotel and 6 hours back to Pittsburgh. Hoping Stonehill-LIU Post turns out to be a great game (at least I'm not driving to Long Island for that one).
  17. ctrabs74's Avatar
    I can see Pace's position in trying to prevent a media circus, but that's going too far. I've seen FBS schools ban certain media outlets over stories that upset the program, but I wonder if the folks at Pace realize the damage they're doing with this action. A sports reporter from the Journal-News or other Westchester-area media outlets are going to remember this if a Pace sports team goes on a deep NCAA regional or national run.
  18. CWP '68's Avatar
    It should be pointed out that Tracy had the wind at his back on his 52-yarder, but he cleared the crossbar with plenty to spare. When he had the wind, he also put each of his kickoffs well into the end zone. When he was going the other way, he did a good job of directing his kickoffs away from Post's dangerous KR, Malik Pierre. Tracy had a spectacular game overall. I see that he was named the NE-10 Special Teams Player of the Week--a well-deserved honor.
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  19. NJLincolnLion's Avatar
    Paul, Merrimack played Bowie State tough.
  20. CWP '68's Avatar
    According to your pre-season prediction (i.e., Assumption at #1 and Post at #2), next Saturday's Post-Assumption game is a key matchup in only the first week of conference play. It doesn't get any better than that!
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