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  1. Newsman's Avatar
    Solid QB play for NE 10 teams. My favorite match up week 3 is Nittolo vs Monks. These two played in the same HS division. Monks has the poise and targets. Assumption 28 - 14
  2. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    New Haven will be fine. Two very tough opponents on the road to open the season. They have the talent to rebound.
  3. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    So much for my predictions last week Paul lol. Disappointed to say the least. Just don't know what is wrong with New Haven. They do not look like a team we would normally have. It's gonna be a long season. This Post team is unstoppable and the coaching staff is doing everything right for this team. Congrats to them.
  4. CWP '68's Avatar
    Paul: Today's LIU Post-UNH game is not listed on today's Scores page. In checking the Teams page, I noticed that there are serious errors in the listed schedules of both teams. Post has only 7 games listed (including a road game on 9/24 at FCS Abilene Christian) and UNH has only 6 games listed. I have no idea how to contact anyone at to correct these errors and I thought that perhaps you could lend a hand. Thanks in advance.
  5. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    Thanks. We can agree to disagree and we will see on Saturday what happens. I will be at the UNH/Post game and expect a good one.
  6. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    Nice job Paul. I am gonna predict 2 upsets wiith the first being AIC over Merrimack and the second is UNH over Post in a close game.
  7. CWP '68's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NewHaven Alum
    Congrats to both Assumption and Post.....Hope you guys keep on winning ob-course not when it comes to my Chargers, LOL.
    Well, we'll find out soon enough. Next week's home opener at Post should be a great game!
  8. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    Congrats to both Assumption and Post.....Hope you guys keep on winning ob-course not when it comes to my Chargers, LOL.
  9. CWP '68's Avatar
    Whew! That game between Post and VU turned into a nail-biter at the end! I'm anxiously waiting for the box score, but in any event Kenny Scotland had a monster game. Two safeties and one HUGE tackle for loss from inside the Post 1-foot line in the 3rd quarter. Clarence Sears also pitched in with 2 big INTs. VU certainly didn't help themselves with undisciplined play and a load of bad penalties.

    One down, 10 to go!
  10. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    That is why they play the games on the field, not in the blog world. The NE-10 held their own last year and hoping for a similar result this year.
  11. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    So it looks like NE10 will be 4-6 after the first week with out of conference match-ups. Paul, you are to kind, in the forum, the NE10 is something like 2-8 or 3-7.
  12. Win with heart's Avatar
    Wow, I guess you and Alum agree where UNH should be.
  13. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    The defense is fine. The offense has question marks. They need consistent play from the quarterback position. That was not there in 2015.
  14. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    The first 5 games of the season for the Setters are brutal thou with only 2 home games against Assumption and New Haven. They might go 0-2 at home during that stretch and that could hurt Pace more than help them.
  15. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    Wow, no love for the Jackets eh Paul?....
  16. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    They have invested in the program and it shows. The talent is getting there and I think that they will surprise some people this year.
  17. NorthEastFB's Avatar
    It's worth mentioning that Pace brought in 2 transfer QBs; one from San Jose St. via JUCO. This is their first recruiting class since their new stadium has been complete. Still have a ways to go, but should be more competitive than they've been in the past.
  18. jim816's Avatar
    Great Post..

    Got the old head heart dilemma going on this week.

    Slippery Rock looks like its the better team from the better conference

    I Think its quite possible for Assumption to play hard play well and make a game out of this and "IF" SR has a bit of an off day to win.

    But based on recent play-off history I got to go with this as my prediction

    SR 38 Assumption 20

    PS: Yeah I understand NE-10 VS SR! and why you would think of contest only for our league so its all good
  19. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    Thanks for the kind words.
  20. NorthEastFB's Avatar
    Great job this year Paul. Thanks for keeping us connected to the NE10! GL to Assumption in the playoffs.
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