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  1. NorthEastFB's Avatar
    I thought AIC landed that hotshot RB from Long Branch, NJ....I don't see him on the roster?
  2. Michael Corrie's Avatar
    Go Pace!!
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  5. CWP '68's Avatar
    Paul: Although the season ended on a sad note for the Pioneers, their roller-coaster ride to the NE-10 championship is the kind of thing that makes fans like me wish that the new season could start tomorrow. There's not much else I can add in 500 characters or less, so I'll just say thanks for all you do on behalf of fans of the NE-10 and Division 2.
  6. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    Go Post!!!!
  7. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    Well, time to cheer for our champ, LIU Post......
  8. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    I think that you are going to see more of the same on Saturday. I am predicting a close game and hopefully, you will continue your good health.
  9. CWP '68's Avatar
    Paul: My compliments on a great article! You hit the nail right on the head. One of the things that benefited me personally from the constant series of nail-biters was the fact that I survived the tension without my heart blowing up, proving that the surgeon who performed open-heart surgery on me last December did a damned good job!
  10. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    That is why I used the word "could." Not sure how the criteria is being assessed right now but it is a possibility.
  11. ctrabs74's Avatar
    Bloomsburg defeated West Chester in Week 8, so any chance of West Chester vaulting ahead of Bloom is remote if the Huskies lose at Slippery Rock.
  12. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    Ummm, any win would be an upset for Pace period. I don't see how Pace will upset New Haven this year thou. Remember when St. A. upsetted UNH on that last game, that was New Haven's second foorball season.
  13. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    If Pace puts it together, they could upset someone. Remember when St. A won on the road at New Haven to keep them out of the playoffs. Anything is possible.
  14. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    Hey Paul, what's with that 7 points for Pace? Just jolking. I think Pace will score more than 7 points aganist this New Haven's defense. I'm gonna said that Bentley is going to upset Assumption this week.
  15. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    I kinna know someone who preferred to call it CW-Post instead of LIU-Post in this forum, lol. I still think it's very odd that they did everything else but not the end-zones.
  16. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    Guess not. The old name is sewn into the field and it just looks odd. People will continue to call them CW Post until it is fixed.
  17. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    LIU Post had remodeled the stadium recently and they couldn't fix the end-zones? Did they think about the end-zones before they did it?
  18. mdopazo58's Avatar
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  19. Skyhawk1's Avatar
    Injuries killing us this year
  20. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    Another great blog Paul. As far as the word upset is concerned, it might be unusual in this conference for UNH, but not on the national level because I have seen it lots of times. Again, St. A. is really down to earth now and we are seeing where they're stacking up against the conference's top teams.
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