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  1. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    If Pace puts it together, they could upset someone. Remember when St. A won on the road at New Haven to keep them out of the playoffs. Anything is possible.
  2. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    Hey Paul, what's with that 7 points for Pace? Just jolking. I think Pace will score more than 7 points aganist this New Haven's defense. I'm gonna said that Bentley is going to upset Assumption this week.
  3. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    I kinna know someone who preferred to call it CW-Post instead of LIU-Post in this forum, lol. I still think it's very odd that they did everything else but not the end-zones.
  4. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    Guess not. The old name is sewn into the field and it just looks odd. People will continue to call them CW Post until it is fixed.
  5. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    LIU Post had remodeled the stadium recently and they couldn't fix the end-zones? Did they think about the end-zones before they did it?
  6. mdopazo58's Avatar
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  7. Skyhawk1's Avatar
    Injuries killing us this year
  8. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    Another great blog Paul. As far as the word upset is concerned, it might be unusual in this conference for UNH, but not on the national level because I have seen it lots of times. Again, St. A. is really down to earth now and we are seeing where they're stacking up against the conference's top teams.
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  9. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    Nice job Paul. AIC really showed us why they are the NE10 champions. St. A is going through a really tougher part of their schedule right now, started with AIC last weekend.
  10. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    The day will come. They are competitive in other sports and with the addition of scholarships recently, the gap is closing.
  11. CWP '68's Avatar
    I completely agree with your comments regarding the improvement in the NE-10. The quality of play is light years ahead of where it was when the conference was dominated by two or three teams at most. I look forward to the day when teams the NE-10 achieve parity with other DII conferences; it's getting closer all the time.
  12. Jacketracket's Avatar
    Let's go AIC
  13. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    Second time that St. A is 3-0 to start the season. 2004 was the other occasion but they finished 4-6.
  14. CWP '68's Avatar
    Merrimack "outgunned" Post today, but irt was more a duel of Derringers than heavy artillery, lol. Props to St. Anselm; is this the first time they're 3-0 in program history?
  15. Jacketracket's Avatar
    Good luck AIC.
  16. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    I was impressed with New Haven. They were better than I thought. They have a tough start of the NE-10 schedule with road games at Post, Bentley and Stonehill. If they survive that stretch, they will be in good shape to regain a spot in the title game.
  17. NewHaven Alum's Avatar
    Great blog Paul. It was disappointing weekend for us but, like you said, things do look positive. As far as UNH is concerned, I think we will be ok. West Chester is a powerful football team and we gave them a scare. Penalties and turnovers really hurt though.
  18. yellowjacketalum's Avatar
    Coaches come and go in the NE-10, Coach Art Wilkins is the constant.
  19. TrueBlue10's Avatar
    Chuck, I really appreciate your comments. I'm a student and a fan here at UNH, so what am I suppose to say? Like you said, there are some unknowns with the new coaches and new players and UNH might end up in last place at the end of the season. I was just want to give my opinions about the NE10 blogger picks. The NE10 coaches picked Bentley to at number 8 and NE10 blogger had UNH behind Bentley since they too have a new coach? Again it's just my opinion and I could be way off with my own picks.
  20. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TrueBlue10
    Yes you are so right, they DID finish behind Stonehill LAST SEASON. This is 2014 season. Just like Bentley DID finish behind Stonehill LAST SEASON but NOT 1014. So what is your point?
    Can you make an argument for why they will be better? Maybe they will be, but they did lose a lot on offense and Pincince has never been a head coach before, so there are some unknowns.
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