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Paul Falewicz

  1. Week 12 Thoughts

    Missed Opportunities

    LIU Post had their chances in their 28-17 loss at Virginia State last Saturday. The Pioneers were just not able to execute at certain times of the game and that is the difference in winning and losing a playoff game.

    Example one came on the first Virginia State touchdown. Post stopped them on fourth down and appeared to take over on downs. But a penalty flag was thrown for illegal hands to the head on the Pioneers and the drive for Virginia State ...
  2. Week 12 Game Stories in the NE-10

  3. Week 12 in the NE-10 - Playoff Edition

    Welcome to playoff football.

    It is win or go home this time of the season and all of the 24 teams are vying for a chance to play for a national championship. Only one team can be crowned champion.

    Virginia State Playoff History

    1st playoff appearance

    0-0 overall record

    0-0 against the NE-10

    LIU Post Playoff History

    4th overall playoff appearance

    2-3 overall record

    CIAA , ‎ NE-10
  4. Living on the Edge - LIU Post 2014 Football Season

    LIU Post has been playing on the edge all season long. So the selection show on Sunday night was just another day at the office for the Pioneers.

    Eight of their 11 games this year came down to the final whistle. They were 5-3 in those games and used that experience for last Sunday night.

    They were not on the radar screen of most people to make the playoffs. They were not part of the initial three Super Region One rankings and even a decisive win in the NE-10 Championship ...
  5. Week 11 Thoughts- Championship Edition

    NE-10 Champions

    It seemed like a blink of an eye. LIU Post scored 34 points over the course of 10 game minutes and walked away with the NE-10 Championship after a 58-25 victory over American International last Saturday.

    Trailing by six points with just over five minutes left in the third quarter, the Pioneers put on a clinic as they just dominated AIC in every single facet of the game.

    The game was back and forth at this point. AIC just scored after ...
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