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Chuck Bitner

  1. Draft Day Nears for PSAC Pro Prospects

    The 79th annual NFL Draft is taking place this weekend at famed Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Over the three day period, a total of 256 college football players will realize a life-long dream of having a chance to play professional football. Thursday night was packed full of star power and garish suits as each first round pick stepped to the stage to great the commissioner and about 5,000 flashbulbs.

    Now that the primetime dog and pony show is over, the real work begins ...

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  2. PSAC Spring Football Notebook

    Spring time gives us many things to be excited aboutÖmore daylight, warmer weather, barbeque in the back yard, bikini seasonÖthe list is endless. I thoroughly enjoy the spring sports season too. Itís great to have baseball and softball back, and I love college lacrosse. My summer passion is motor sports. This past Sunday I rallied at 3:30am to watch Formula 1 live from Malaysia. The middle of night alarm did NOT make the wife happy, but what I can sayÖIím dedicated. All of those things are wonderful, ...

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  3. Final Thoughts on the 2013 PSAC Football Season

    The PSAC season ended a week earlier than we all hoped. West Chester won the Super Region 1 bracket but looked like they were a little out of gas after 14 straight weeks of football, and three straight road trips. The Golden Rams lost at Lenoir-Rhyne as the Bears ran over, through and around them (and the deplorable weather conditions) for an impressive 42-14 win. Now that all the games have been played, here are my final rankings and final notes for all 16 teams.

    16. Cheyney ...
  4. Inaugural Season a Success for the Mountain East Conference

    Iím sorry for the MEC faithful that we didnít have a blogger to cover the conference during this inaugural season. It was a pretty successful debut for the league and I think it is already deeper and more competitive than the old WVIAC. Here is my best attempt to re-cap the season, but please forgive any mistakes or oversights as the MEC isnít my primary territory. Please feel free to use the comments section to add your own thoughts on any particular team or the conference as a whole
  5. Lenoir-Rhyne Scouting Resources for West Chester fans

    For anyone interested in scouting the Lenoir-Rhyne Bears, here are some resources to check out. Iíll have more postings later this week after pouring over all of this!

    Lenoir-Rhyne Bears

    Important Stats (per game)

    Scoring Offense: 35.1
    Scoring Defense: 16.2
    Total Offense: 431
    Total Defense: 317
    Rushing Offense: 372
    Rushing Defense: 100
    Passing Offense: 59
    Passing Defense: 217

    Schedule, Box ...

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