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Chuck Bitner

  1. The Four Quarters of the PSAC

    Weíre at the half way point of the 2013 season (a little past it, actually, since we play an odd number of games) so itís time for a quarterly round up of how things look in the conference. I did this a few weeks ago, but was a little pressed for time that week and my thoughts came out in a less organized format. This is a concept Iíd worked on in the preseason, and am rolling out for the first time this week.

    Itís a simple idea. We have 16 teams in the PSAC which is nicely divisible ...

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  2. Setting up Week 7 in the PSAC

    Wow, Week 7 already. Just like a vacation youíve been looking forward to for months on end, the season just zips by so quickly. The good news is that weíve still got five weeks to go in the regular season and our divisional races are nowhere near settled. Gannon is alone at the top of the West standings, but they still have a big rivalry game to get though this week, as well as meetings with Cal and IUP on the horizon. Meanwhile, in the East, we still have three teams that are unbeaten in divisional ...

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  3. Recapping Week 6 In The PSAC

    I hope everyone got out to see some football last weekend, because we had one of the most perfect Saturdayís you could ask for. On Sunday, I had an opportunity to watch the entire television broadcast of the IUP at Slippery Rock game. To say I was impressed is an understatement. Here are the headlines from Week Six.

    Slippery Rock Hammers rival IUP

    If youíre part of the IUP faithful, there really isnít much to be said that can make you feel better about this game. ...
  4. Breaking Down Week 6 in the PSAC

    Every week is critical in college football, but as we dive into the second half of the season, things are about to get much more intense. Here is a look behind the numbers as we count down to week six…

    6 – weeks of games so far, which takes us past the mid-point of the season, if you can believe that.
    5 – consecutive weeks of divisional action between now and November 16
    4 – number of total touchdowns scored by Millersville this season
    3 – ...

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  5. PSAC Week Five Roundup

    Any day that you get to see two college games is a great day. On Saturday I got to see the very exciting California at West Chester match up, followed by the Clarion at East Stroudsburg game. The nightcap was much more one-sided than I expected, but it was a beautiful evening to be outdoors enjoying football, so I have no complains and no regrets about the time spent in the car.

    Week five in the PSAC was a mixture of interesting outcomes and a few predictable blowouts. Here are my ...

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