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Chuck Bitner

  1. The Four Quarters of the PSAC - Second Quarter

    Mid-season already. Sometimes I think it goes faster every year. It's already time for the second quarter recap and a shuffling of the order in the 1 through 16 rundown. Here is how the teams stack up at the halfway mark of the 2015 season...

    The First Quarter

    1. Clarion (6-0, 3-0)

    There is only one unbeaten team in the PSAC and they’ve earned their place at the top of the order. Clarion took advantage of a soft schedule to open the season but they backed ...

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  2. Previewing Week 6 in the PSAC

    It’s hard to believe that after this week we will already be beyond mid season. It goes so fast…It’s also hard to believe that we’re five weeks into the season and only one PSAC team (Slippery Rock) is ranked. And they’re only ranked in one poll. But its hard to make good arguments for having more teams ranked. It's competitive for the top 25 right now. We have one 5-0 team, two 4-1 and one 3-1. Everyone else has 2 or more losses. Clarion certainly deserves some recognition ...

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  3. News and Notes from Week 5 in the PSAC

    PSAC Release: Athletes of the Week

    Raiders and Warriors Fight Through Five Overtime Periods

    Every year, there is at least one game – usually more than one – that really illustrates why I enjoy college football so much. It’s also usually a game that leaves me a little disappointed that one of the teams had to walk away with a loss. Saturday night’s meeting of ESU and Ship in East Stroudsburg was that kind of game.

    When both teams score in the 60s, ...

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  4. Previewing Week 5 in the MEC

    The Thursday night MEC Game of the Week will be broadcast live to a national audience by Be sure to tune it at 7:00 for what should be one of the top games in the conference this season.

    Before we look into this week's action, there was some good news announced this week that should be mentioned. MEC Commissioner Reid Amos has been named to the NCAA Division II Football Championship Committee. This is good for the MEC and for SR1 to have the commissioner involved in the ...

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  5. Previewing Week 5 in the PSAC

    The first round of divisional play delivered lots of excitement and some very surprising results. For a recap of last week’s action, check out Divsional Play Delivers Exciting Results in the PSAC.Round two could be just as good. We have some very interesting match ups on offer. Here is a glimpse at what’s in store.

    -Seton Hill has a chance to back up their performance of the last two weeks with a date at California. Who expected this match up to have so much intrigue?
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