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Chuck Bitner

  1. Divisional Play Delivers Exciting Results in the PSAC

    It was an amazing Saturday of football in the PSAC as the first round of divisional play brought some upsets and surprising performances. We entered the weekend with four unbeaten teams in the conference and we’re now down to one. The lone undefeated team in the PSAC is…Clarion. Yep. Clarion. The Golden Eagles are 4-0 overall, 1-0 in the division and alone atop the West division standings.

    If you missed it last week, I posted a quarterly run-down of the PSAC teams from 1-16. You ...

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  2. Previewing Week 4 in the PSAC

    Week four brings us to the first round of divisional play for the 2015 season. It's a welcome event for many of the East division teams since they can all start playing each other and some of will actually start to win some more games. Before we jump into the run-down, check out the blog posted earlier this week which was an attempt to rank all 16 teams in the conference. You can read The Four Quarters of the PSAC - First Quarter by clicking the link.

    Saturday, September ...

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  3. The Four Quarters of the PSAC - First Quarter

    Three weeks are down in the 2015 season, which means were are already at the quarter mile post. As I've done in past seasons, I've ranked the teams from 1-16 based on the games played to date. 16 teams, four teams per quarter and we're a quarter of the way through the season. I think you get the idea. As you will see, the top is very West-heavy. All the best teams appear to be in the West this season. The West did better in out of conference games in week 1 and also beat the east in head to head ...
  4. Previewing Week 3 in the MEC

    I said I wouldn't be able to pull double duty every week with the PSAC and MEC, but here I am previewing the upcoming action for the third week in a row. Why? Because there is some really exciting stuff going on around the league. Some it good, some of it not so god, and some of it just downright puzzling. Here are a few random notes.

    • Rahmann Lee of Glenville State rushed for an MEC record 412 yards last week against Wesleyan. For the performance, he earned MEC player

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  5. Previewing Week 3 in the PSAC

    Week three marks the last round of non-divisional games until Championship weekend. Last week, all games were hosted by West division schools. That will be reversed in week 11 when all games will be on East campuses. This weekend, we have a mixture with four in the East and four in the West. Before we look at the rundown, here are a few random notes from around the conference.

    West Chester’s Tim Brown declared eligible

    Attachment 986

    All-American ...

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