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Chuck Bitner

  1. Previewing Week 3 in the PSAC

    Week three marks the last round of non-divisional games until Championship weekend. Last week, all games were hosted by West division schools. That will be reversed in week 11 when all games will be on East campuses. This weekend, we have a mixture with four in the East and four in the West. Before we look at the rundown, here are a few random notes from around the conference.

    West Chesterís Tim Brown declared eligible

    Attachment 986

    All-American ...

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  2. Previewing Week 2 in the MEC

    Week one of Mountain East Conference Play was full of excitement...and no shortage of offense. Among the 12 teams that participated in MEC games last week, 6 scored more than 40 points. West Virginia State led the way with 59, which was the 8th most points scored in D2. Even with two teams being shutout, the 11 MEC teams combined to average 33 points per game. Will this week bring us as much offensive excitement?

    Thursday, September 10

    West Virginia Wesleyan ...

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  3. Previewing Week 2 in the PSAC

    With the extended opening weekend of college football and the short turn around to the Thursday night kickoff between Millersville and Clarion, week two has arrived in no time at all. For a few teams, thatís a good thing. For several others, they need every minute to prepare.

    Last week was not good for the PSAC. The West division did just fine, with California, Slippery Rock and Gannon all earning road wins. Clarion was impressive in their opener at Lock Haven and Mercyhurst delivered ...

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  4. PSAC Notebook: Week 1

    As football fans, one of the worst things we can do is overreact to one week of results. One week doesn’t make or break the entire season, and the opening weekend is always full of new coaches, new players, new opponents, injuries, surprises, suspensions, etc. Lots of things can change from week to week. Many teams have recovered from week 1 disappointments to go on to have championship seasons. That said, this is a place to talk about football, and one week’s worth of games is all we ...

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  5. MEC Week 1 Preview

    I canít promise thatíll be able to do double duty every week, but itís kickoff weekend of the college football season and the MEC needs some pub on the D2 website. As you might guess, the PSAC blog consumes a lot of my free time so this didnít get as much attention as I would have liked. I encourage you to add your own thoughts in the comments below to spur some conversation about the week 1 schedule.

    Before we look at the rundown, I want to reiterate something that I wrote in my ...
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