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Chuck Bitner

  1. PSAC West #7: Clarion

    Clarion Golden Eagles

    2013 Record: 4-7 (2-5)

    Head Coach: Jay Foster (27-61, 9th year)
    Defensive Coordinator: Foster
    Offensive Coordinator: Chris Weibel

    Top returning players: DE Julian Howsare, DT Matt Shuey, RB Bobby Thomas, DB Corey McNamara, TE Mike Deitrick

    The upside: The crossover schedule is very favorable
    The downside: The Golden Eagles don't play at home until Sept. 27

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  2. PSAC East #7: Millersville

    Millersville Maruaders

    2013 Record: 1-10 (1-6)

    Head Coach: Greg Breitbach (1-10, 2nd year)
    Defensive Coordinator: Ralph Clark
    Offensive Coordinator: Breitbach

    Top returning players: LB Reggie Slayton, RB/KR David Coates, OL Matt Schuck, OL Kevin Bohl

    The upside: The Marauders have now had a full year under the current coaching staff.
    The downside: There is still a long way to go. In the final PSAC stats of 2013, Ville ...
  3. PSAC West #8: Seton Hill

    PSAC West Division #8: Seton Hill Griffins

    Head Coach: Isaac Collins, 1-10 (2nd year)
    Defensive Coordinator: Gerard Wilcher
    Offensive Coordinator: Charles Eger

    Top returning players: LB Tyler Zimmer, QB Andrew Jackson, RB/QB/WR Jarvis McClam, QB/TE Nick Halfhill

    The upside: The roster is much deeper than a year ago
    The downside: There aren't many winnable games on the slate

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  4. PSAC East #8: Cheyney

    PSAC East Division #8: Cheyney Wolves

    Head Coach: Anthony Johnson (first year)
    Defensive Coordinator:
    Offensive Coordinator: Anthony Johnson

    Top returning starters: LB Isaiah Fleming , WR Kalif Dandy, QB Adler

    The upside: New head coach Anthony Johnson brings a lot of enthusiasm to field.
    The downside: Johnson still has one of the toughest gigs in all of college football.

    2013 Stats

    Senior LB Isaiah ...

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  5. PSAC Preseason picks

    Over the course of the next week I will be rolling out my team-by-team previews for the 2014 PSAC football season. I will be posting at least two per day, one team from each division, from 8 to 1. But suspense isnít really my thing and Iím itching to get a blog posted because itís that time of year, so here are my predictions for the finishing order in each division, along with a few tidbits to go along with the picks. A detailed breakdown of each team will be coming shortly.

    These ...
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