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Chuck Bitner

  1. PSAC East #8: Cheyney

    PSAC East Division #8: Cheyney Wolves

    Head Coach: Anthony Johnson (first year)
    Defensive Coordinator:
    Offensive Coordinator: Anthony Johnson

    Top returning starters: LB Isaiah Fleming , WR Kalif Dandy, QB Adler

    The upside: New head coach Anthony Johnson brings a lot of enthusiasm to field.
    The downside: Johnson still has one of the toughest gigs in all of college football.

    2013 Stats

    Senior LB Isaiah ...

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  2. PSAC Preseason picks

    Over the course of the next week I will be rolling out my team-by-team previews for the 2014 PSAC football season. I will be posting at least two per day, one team from each division, from 8 to 1. But suspense isnít really my thing and Iím itching to get a blog posted because itís that time of year, so here are my predictions for the finishing order in each division, along with a few tidbits to go along with the picks. A detailed breakdown of each team will be coming shortly.

    These ...
  3. Draft Day Nears for PSAC Pro Prospects

    The 79th annual NFL Draft is taking place this weekend at famed Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Over the three day period, a total of 256 college football players will realize a life-long dream of having a chance to play professional football. Thursday night was packed full of star power and garish suits as each first round pick stepped to the stage to great the commissioner and about 5,000 flashbulbs.

    Now that the primetime dog and pony show is over, the real work begins ...

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  4. PSAC Spring Football Notebook

    Spring time gives us many things to be excited aboutÖmore daylight, warmer weather, barbeque in the back yard, bikini seasonÖthe list is endless. I thoroughly enjoy the spring sports season too. Itís great to have baseball and softball back, and I love college lacrosse. My summer passion is motor sports. This past Sunday I rallied at 3:30am to watch Formula 1 live from Malaysia. The middle of night alarm did NOT make the wife happy, but what I can sayÖIím dedicated. All of those things are wonderful, ...

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  5. Final Thoughts on the 2013 PSAC Football Season

    The PSAC season ended a week earlier than we all hoped. West Chester won the Super Region 1 bracket but looked like they were a little out of gas after 14 straight weeks of football, and three straight road trips. The Golden Rams lost at Lenoir-Rhyne as the Bears ran over, through and around them (and the deplorable weather conditions) for an impressive 42-14 win. Now that all the games have been played, here are my final rankings and final notes for all 16 teams.

    16. Cheyney ...
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