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Chuck Bitner

  1. Rams Win, Rams Win

    Rams win, Rams win

    No, Iím not repeating myself. On Saturday, The Rams won in West Chester, PA and Winston-Salem, NC.

    The West Chester v. AIC game was not a great one. West Chester picked up the pace late in the first half and did what they needed to do, but American International was a disappointment. I expected much more from them, especially on the offensive side of the ball. The Slippery Rock at Winston-Salem game was much more competitive, but incredibly sloppy. ...

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  2. Super Region 1 First Round Playoff Breakdown

    There is nothing like playoff football, and this weekend delivers a pair of very interesting matchups. The four teams in action represent three of the four conferences in SR1. If West Chester and Slippery Rock can both win, the SR1 bracket would be whittled down to three PSAC teams and one MEC teams. Of course that's what we're hoping for, but will it happen?

    West Chester Golden Rams (10-1) - PSAC East Runner-Up


    American International

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  3. Super Region 1 Playoff Field for the 2013 D2 Football Championship

    The NCAA Division II Football Championship bracket was announced this evening. There were no surprises in the teams that were invited, but there was a bit of shakeup in the seeding. All four conferences are represented, which is as it should be, and three PSAC teams made the bracket, which is also as it should be. Iím not saying that because of a PSAC superiority complex. Iím saying that because I have seen all three teams in person multiple times this year and I have no doubts that all three belong ...

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  4. Bloomsburg Wins PSAC Championship

    It was all you could ask for in a championship football game. With the score tied late in the fourth quarter, Slippery Rock booted a tie-breaking field goal with less than three minutes left, but Bloomsburg moved down the field and put themselves in position for Franklyn Quiteh, the gameís MVP, to score the game winning touchdown with just 27 seconds remaining. Slippery Rock had one last opportunity, but a fourth down pass was intercepted as time expired and the Huskies rushed their home field ...

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  5. PSAC Championship Week Preview

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    Playoff Picture

    Before we take a look at the upcoming games, earlier this week I posted a blog with my thoughts on the SR1 playoff picture. You can find that entry here:

    This may be the last week of the season, but the good news is that we have an awesome schedule of games to close it out. ...

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