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Chuck Bitner

  1. PSAC East #3: West Chester

    West Chester Golden Rams

    2013 Record: 13-2 (6-1) *NCAA Playoffs, Super Region 1 Champion, National Semi-Finalist

    Head Coach: Bill Zwaan
    Defensive Coordinator: Mike Furlong
    Offensive Coordinator: Bill Zwaan Jr.

    Top returning players: QB Sean McCartney, LB Ronell Williams, LB Mike Labor, DB Al-Hajj Shabazz, OL Derek Schatz

    The upside: QB Sean McCartney gets better every year...and this is sixth year in the program.
  2. PSAC West #4: Slippery Rock

    Slippery Rock

    2013 Record: 9-3 (6-1) PSAC West Champion, NCAA Playoffs

    Head Coach: George Mihalik (176-106-4, 27th year)
    Defensive Coordinator: Shawn Lutz
    Offensive Coordinator: Conrad / Bongivengo

    Top returning players: WR Jaimire Dutrieuille, RB Teddy Blakeman, RB Shamar Greene, DB Austin Miele, OL Cory Tucker

    The upside: The Rock might have the strongest RB tandem in the PSAC this year with Blakeman and Greene.
  3. PSAC East #4: Shippensburg

    Shippensburg Raiders

    2013 Record: 7-4 (6-1)

    Head Coach: Mark Maciejewski
    Defensive Coordinator: Mike Burket
    Offensive Coordinator: Joe Davis

    Top returning players: WR Trevor Harman, RB Blair Brooks, WR Sheldon Mayer, LB Brian Sourbor, LB Cortlin Dell

    The upside:
    If a new starting QB can hit the ground running, the Raiders will be in business with nine returning starters on offense.
    The downside: The defense ...
  4. PSAC West #5: Mercyhurst

    Merychurst Lakers

    2013 Record: 7-4 (4-3)

    Head Coach: Marty Schaetzle (62-70, 13th year)
    Defensive Coordinator: Jeff Gutowski
    Offensive Coordinator:

    Top returning players: RB Brandon Brown-Dukes, OL Ben Gysin, TE R.J. Miller, LB Pat Behm, DB Colin Kimball

    The upside: The back end of the defense is loaded with talent
    The downside: The D-line depth chart will have several new faces

    Attachment 638 ...
  5. PSAC East #5: Kutztown

    Kutztown Golden Bears

    2013 Record: 4-7 (3-4)

    Head Coach: Jim Clements (first year)
    Defensive Coordinator: Ross Pennypacker
    Offensive Coordinator: Brad Mangle

    Top returning players: DE Zach Greenwald, LB Sam Dougan, WR Brett Fox, WR Kodi Reed, QB Josh Luckenbaugh

    The upside: The Golden Bears were young last year but they are in a much better position this year.
    The downside: Three head coaches in three years is never ...

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