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  1. TheBigCat2192's Avatar
    Really good write-up. I liked the chance to read a breakdown of some of the players that I didn't get to see because BU hasn't played their teams in crossover games recently.
  2. shiplb54's Avatar
    Not surprisingly, this is fantastic breakdown and analysis. Thanks Chuck!
  3. callen2525's Avatar
    Thanks for adding level headed thinking to the mix this year. You kept us all in check. Go luck and we will see you next season. Get some rest!!!
  4. BlueJay's Avatar
    I appreciate your analysis. One thing you didn't say is that there is still no team in the PSAC who can make it to the national finals in the near future. It has been quite a while, and it will continue to be quite a while, before such an eventuality materializes. Have a great holiday, and enjoy the final. I think LR just might give NWMSU a respectable tussle. I am really looking forward to this game, as I really want to see how the Bearcats defend against the Bears' triple option offense.
  5. Wcu'92's Avatar
    Great read Chuck. I enjoy your viewpoint on games week in and week out. The one thing that I noticed in many of the threads across the board on these games...the lack of attention being paid to the Head Coaches? I need to do some more homework on the LR coach, but I have to give the nod here to the Power of the Zwaan:). He has been in this situation as a player and coach.

    Go Rams!
  6. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    'Fraid not RamTHIS. I haven't spent a Saturday at home since before Labor day, but I will be watching from home this weekend. My wife would draw the line somewhere!I would do it, but I am already committed for Florence next week regardless of who is in the game. Hopefully we'll all be there cheering on the Rams!
  7. RamTHIS's Avatar
    You headed to the game Chuck?
  8. WCUDad16's Avatar
    Thanks Chuck, for all your analysis and insight this season. I've looked forward to what you've had to say each week.
    Heres to atleast another week of reporting on the pride of the PSAC! Let's go GOLDEN RAMS!! May WCU be theD2 National Champions for 2013!!
  9. McDonald2Penecale's Avatar
    Top notch analysis; thorough and informative.

  10. clh323's Avatar
    Nice job Chuck.
  11. FSU-Tadow1906's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by shiplb54
    Your slanted analyses are still more objective than the regular analysis by the CIAA blogger.
    You seem to be obsessed with our blog. Come to papa
  12. FSU-Tadow1906's Avatar
    Chuck!!! you're a stud bro. Tight work
  13. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    There is no code here. I think I was pretty transparent about not being able to decide who will win.
  14. RamPuntAlum's Avatar
    Maybe I’m a little too biased...really. And, I'm starting to think that picking a score of 27-24 is actually blogger code for, "I really can't decide which team will win." But, really there are no excuses for missing this game. I'll be attending for sure.
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  15. shiplb54's Avatar
    Your slanted analyses are still more objective than the regular analysis by the CIAA blogger.
    Updated 12-05-2013 at 01:15 PM by shiplb54
  16. wvftballfan's Avatar
    Very good analysis. This game is going to be very close.
  17. Ram Tough's Avatar

    This was a great blog and entertaining read.
  18. Redskin4life's Avatar
    I will be there and I say The rams Win...

    SU 34
    WC 21
  19. callen2525's Avatar
    Chuck I highly respect your view of the game. Very good review of both games.
  20. ShepAlum's Avatar
    A very solid analysis and I appreciate the time and effort you gave to write about the WSSU @ Shepherd's matchup.
    Updated 11-29-2013 at 07:59 AM by ShepAlum (Managed to mis-spell both WSSU and Shepherd.)
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