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  1. BlueJay's Avatar
    As always, a very thorough job by Chuck. Still see Minnesota State Mankato winning, but I do think Concord will make a darned good showing.
  2. zimmy21's Avatar
    I saw Bloomsburg did a horrible job of that Horror Child
  3. Horror Child's Avatar
    One other key for Minn St - defense don't jump offside when the Concord center quickly twists his head prior to the snap.
  4. MavDad's Avatar
    Very nice article
  5. zimmy21's Avatar
    Thanks again sir!
  6. Matt Witwicki's Avatar
    Very complete column Chuck. Thanks for the addtl info/input on Concord.
  7. laker's Avatar
    Nice column, Chuck. Thanks for posting.
  8. Quentin44's Avatar
    Smart and fair. We have given up several odd big plays, and Concord thrives on those. But 60 minutes? As I stated in a post, watch early for our ability to generate QB pressure, not just from the ends but the big fellas in the middle. That will be a tell as to the final outcome.
  9. every1ftballfan's Avatar
    Another great write up! Appreciate it!
  10. CC_BU's Avatar
    Have a little faith Bloomsburg99. We rolled thru the meat of our schedule then came up a bit short to a better team that day in the PSAC title game. Maybe it was a wake up call that we needed to remind us that from here on out it won't be easy. I think the staff will use it as motivation and it the team will respond. GO HUSKIES!!!
  11. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    Good points. I do expect WCU-Concord to be a very tight game. As I reference above, WCU v. Shepherd was a 14-7 game for a long time. Final margin was 21 points but that did not indicate what kind of game it was.
  12. Bloomsburg99's Avatar
    as an aside... 500 characters is tough to hit and still make your point!!!
  13. Bloomsburg99's Avatar
    I think WCU and Bloom played tougher competition this season than their opponents this week. Give me WCU. As a 99 Bloom grad Ive seen Bloom ROLL so many times in 15 yrs in "big" games that dont REALLY count (WCU a month ago) but dont bring the same effort in BIG games that DO count (PSAC game against SRU). Bloomsburg is the better team but we need to have a WCU game type performance in order to set up a Bloom/WCU rematch next week. Go Bloom but I think they stumble again when it counts.
  14. clh323's Avatar
    I believe that your WCU prediction of a 10 point win is bold. I can see it but I wouldn't bet 50 cents on that spread. Bloom should handle VSU but that game against SRU had to shake them up a little bit. They had been rolling along nicely and then BUMP. And last year they came up a bit flat against WCU in this same game. However I think this 10 point spread has a better chance of standing up.
  15. clh323's Avatar
    Well Chuck you were very close on the Winner's scores here today. Although I have to think WCU left points on the field in the second half. Zwann did all the right things today. Good showing all around for WVU. I didn't think SRU would miss Buck as much as they obviously did.
  16. DIIBaby's Avatar
    Bloom has an astonishing NCAA all division leading turnovers gained which kept them in the SRU game and was turning point in defeating Cal. Generating fumbles and interceptions is a skill but there needs to be some favorable bounces/tips as well. Should the turnover well go dry for Bloom, as it could against teams like VSU and Concord who also have great turnover margins, I see the Huskies struggling to advance past the second round.
  17. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    Sadly, I'm starting off the weekend 1-0 with the cancellation of the Cal-Gannon game and forfeit by Cal.
  18. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    Thanks. Got distracted during that one and didn't finish it when I got back to the writing. It has been updated.
  19. Fightingscot82's Avatar
    Cal prediction?
  20. MHC73's Avatar
    Good job. The final was UC 28-10. UC passed the ball more than expected. Turnovers hurt State.
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