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  1. DIIBaby's Avatar
    You nailed it:
    "If they minimize what Brown-Dukes can do on the ground and force the game into the hands of the Mercyhurst QBs, the Lakers will be out of their comfort zone again.

    The Mercyhurst defense is also not quite up to its usual standard so it could be an opportunity for IUP’s offense to have a breakout day."
  2. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    Intentional meaning that he wanted to hurt someone. I don't know if that's what he was trying to do or not, but it was dirty shot.
  3. Horror Child's Avatar
    Dirty but not intentional?

    Impact is Williams is out 6-8 weeks or basically the remainder of the regular season.
  4. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    I agree with you, but the teams that have played the toughest schedules are 0-3 or 1-2. We're only three games in, so there will be a lot of movement in these rankings as the season goes on.
  5. Horror Child's Avatar
    Both Gannon's and West Chester's undefeated records have a lot to do with their competition so far - each a combined 1-8.
  6. clh323's Avatar
    Enjoy the game you choose to see Chuck!
  7. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    They'll go out tonight, which is why it nice that have early kick off times. There won't any down time between when they leave the hotels and when the game starts, and when its over, they can pack up and get back home at a reasonable hour.
  8. CC_BU's Avatar
    Nice work Chuck as always. A friend of mine at work has a question. He's curious to know when Bloom and Kutztown will head out to Erie. Will they drive up tonight and stay over or get up really early tomorrow? Thanks.
  9. clh323's Avatar
    Since these early cross-over games now count in the standings I guess they can start mixing them into the schedule rather than early in the season. Makes for some flexibility in scheduling and travel. My question Chuck is how does the PSAC determine cross-over opponents? Alternating over several seasons? Without doing any research it seems rather random.
  10. shiplb54's Avatar
    I'm glad to see Sadosky is making a big impact on the DL. I knew he would transition well, and with 2.5 sacks this week, he seems like the veteran leader at DL, not someone who just made a position change. Now we need someone to step up big as a leader in the secondary and Ship will really be a force to recon with. Slow and steady improvements. It will be a fun test this week with Cal.
  11. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    They did a good job of getting off the field on third down too, which can be more important than how many yards are allowed. It was good night of learning for them. I was happy to see Seton Hill have some success though. Jackson is a pretty decent player and if he can have a big year, the Griffins might surprise someone.
  12. shiplb54's Avatar
    Ship's D-line was a question coming into the game and they performed very well. The LB are solid and performed as such. The DBs are all young, so there was a LOT of concern - and rightfully so, but when you see at the completion % for Seton Hill QB, the DBs couldn't have had that bad of a game. The bad news is that they gave up a few BIG plays on blown coverage. If they take care of that, this defensive unit may be the best Ship has seen in a few years.
  13. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    I've always favored more out of conference games but scheduling is difficult and administrators like the 10 game schedule. It makes things so much easier for them. I think if the PSAC ever did free up more dates for OOC games, it end up with several teams playing less than 11 games. Some conferences have gone to an 11 game schedule and done away with OOC opponents entirely. The PSAC could easily do that but I hope it never happens.
  14. clh323's Avatar
    Looking forward to this season Chuck. The East looks extremely competitive this year, more so than usual. I really wish the PSAC didn't mandate three cross-over games. Isolationism in sport is not a good thing. There could be some great intra-conference rivalries. WCU and New Haven seem to have built a nice one but these take time to develop and with only one opening in the schedule it's difficult.
  15. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    Thanks for the updates. This is the frustrating thing about writing these previews in June and July and then learning the guys that left the program.
  16. ctrabs74's Avatar
    Worth noting that Cody Schroeder transferred to Urbana. Also, Jeff Knox, Jr. will be playing defense this season; I can see Grissom emerging as the featured back for Cal this season.
  17. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    I don't have a feel yet for what Mateo's role will be. We was away for a year and in his absence, Munger and Parsnik played very well. So he has earn his way back into the huddle. That said, he is one of the most talented and experienced backs that will be in the PSAC this year.
  18. shiplb54's Avatar
    Very little on Mateo - do you think he will take some time to get acclimated with the new offense or be the go-to back? Also, great work. You rock, Chuck.
  19. shiplb54's Avatar
    I've heard rumors that LB Sean Sadosky (#50), made the transition this camp to D-line. Very strong kid who has the weight to be pretty imposing there. I don't know if they will put him at DE, but he should make a nice impact with his hand in the dirt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Bitner
    Thanks for the update. I did a double check on the roster before I published this had to tweak a little to compensate for Fabor's absence, but I didn't know about Donaldson. That secondary looks like a major liability know with Jackson lost to graduation and Ghafoor and Fabor leaving the program.
    Pittsman, starting OL from last year gone, Grades
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