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  1. DIIBaby's Avatar
    Bloom has an astonishing NCAA all division leading turnovers gained which kept them in the SRU game and was turning point in defeating Cal. Generating fumbles and interceptions is a skill but there needs to be some favorable bounces/tips as well. Should the turnover well go dry for Bloom, as it could against teams like VSU and Concord who also have great turnover margins, I see the Huskies struggling to advance past the second round.
  2. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    Sadly, I'm starting off the weekend 1-0 with the cancellation of the Cal-Gannon game and forfeit by Cal.
  3. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    Thanks. Got distracted during that one and didn't finish it when I got back to the writing. It has been updated.
  4. Fightingscot82's Avatar
    Cal prediction?
  5. MHC73's Avatar
    Good job. The final was UC 28-10. UC passed the ball more than expected. Turnovers hurt State.
  6. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    Edinboro looked awful tonight. Gannon won 52-7. State had some red chances that would have kept them in the game but came up empty too many times. UC wins 28-10.
  7. Monte's Catering Co.'s Avatar
    We MEC fans appreciate the extra work from a knowledgeable columnist. Thanks again Chuck. I think your assessment of that game is spot on.
  8. Ram Tough's Avatar
    Good job, Chuck!

    I appreciate all that you do.
  9. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Boro fan
    Id like to think it will be an even game, but hopefully it will better than last years dismal 9-7 Clarion victory..
    Edinboro won that game.
    Ugh...I knew that...thanks for the correction!
  10. Boro fan's Avatar
    I’d like to think it will be an even game, but hopefully it will better than last year’s dismal 9-7 Clarion victory..
    Edinboro won that game.
  11. FSURANGER's Avatar
    Great Read
  12. clh323's Avatar
    Next week it starts to get serious in the East.
  13. DIIBaby's Avatar
    You nailed it:
    "If they minimize what Brown-Dukes can do on the ground and force the game into the hands of the Mercyhurst QBs, the Lakers will be out of their comfort zone again.

    The Mercyhurst defense is also not quite up to its usual standard so it could be an opportunity for IUP’s offense to have a breakout day."
  14. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    Intentional meaning that he wanted to hurt someone. I don't know if that's what he was trying to do or not, but it was dirty shot.
  15. Horror Child's Avatar
    Dirty but not intentional?

    Impact is Williams is out 6-8 weeks or basically the remainder of the regular season.
  16. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    I agree with you, but the teams that have played the toughest schedules are 0-3 or 1-2. We're only three games in, so there will be a lot of movement in these rankings as the season goes on.
  17. Horror Child's Avatar
    Both Gannon's and West Chester's undefeated records have a lot to do with their competition so far - each a combined 1-8.
  18. clh323's Avatar
    Enjoy the game you choose to see Chuck!
  19. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    They'll go out tonight, which is why it nice that have early kick off times. There won't any down time between when they leave the hotels and when the game starts, and when its over, they can pack up and get back home at a reasonable hour.
  20. CC_BU's Avatar
    Nice work Chuck as always. A friend of mine at work has a question. He's curious to know when Bloom and Kutztown will head out to Erie. Will they drive up tonight and stay over or get up really early tomorrow? Thanks.
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