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    Quote Originally Posted by WarriorVoice
    You have Cheyney at 0-3. Give them a break, Chuck!! They beat Lincoln, right?!
    Ah, you're right...I have fixed it.
  2. WarriorVoice's Avatar
    You have Cheyney at 0-3. Give them a break, Chuck!! They beat Lincoln, right?!
  3. Ian Carlson's Avatar
    Love that you bring up Yost. To me, it seems like he is actually underrated by everyone except for Bearcat fans and MIAA coaches.
  4. UNALions's Avatar
    Nice post, Chuck!
  5. Ram Tough's Avatar
    You're a class act, Chuck! Thanks for all that you do.
  6. Rams Fan's Avatar
    Thanks Chuck, well done.
  7. ctrabs74's Avatar
    Well, your prediction for SRU-VUU wasn't that far off (Rock 40-21).
  8. clh323's Avatar
    Bowie State losing to WSSU would help as well. Assumption / UNH would be a great game to watch.
  9. Fightingscot82's Avatar
    I didn't pick them in the contest, but I too have a good feeling about Edinboro winning this one. The improvement is noticeable in spite of the win/loss record. With progress the OL may finally give Sisson the protection he needs and help get the running game more opportunities to gain yardage.

    Go Boro!
  10. CALUPA69's Avatar
    Unless the VULCANS can do something to get some consistency in BOTH HALVES of their game, a potentially very nice season is going down the drain.
    They've WON the first half 91-31 and LOST the second half 28-61. This is a major coaching problem and MK needs to put a stop to it or CALU fans are looking at their second straight disappointment.
  11. Clydes 'N Rams's Avatar
    Chuck, thanks for your time & effort in giving SR1 & especially MEC your attention. We all appreciate your insights & analysis on the games and all the additional information you provide throughout the season.
  12. Paul Falewicz's Avatar
    Welcome to the year of the NE-10, Mr. Bitner.
  13. Chuck Bitner's Avatar
    Thanks for reading and for commenting. I do my best to capture as much info as I can, but it is very difficult to do. I appreciate comments to bring attention to more players.
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    I said that Swales was the only true running back that had a meaningful number of carries. Walton was the second leading rusher but he is not a running back. Harris had 47 carries for the season, which is about 4 per game so my use of the term significant number can be debated. As far as reviewing stats...I spend a ton of time in the spring and summer sifting through stats and box scores for all 16 teams and the games they played. I do my best but its not easy to capture everything.
  15. LHUMom's Avatar
    LHU has an excellent back up rb. Malyk replaced the starting rb on kick return and ranked in the PSAC with kick return yards (without starting kick return the entire year);averaged more yards per carry than the starting rb, and has more speed.Your article stated that Swales was the only "true running back". Not sure if the oversight was intentional but it is important to review film and stats on ALL players when writing a blog that many read to ensure accuracy.
  16. BU_Albertson'12's Avatar

    Good to see you back with blog entries! I'm certainly ready for some PSAC football, followed by the best write-ups on the D2football website. Looking forward to more of the same.

  17. BlueJay's Avatar
    As always, a very thorough job by Chuck. Still see Minnesota State Mankato winning, but I do think Concord will make a darned good showing.
  18. zimmy21's Avatar
    I saw Bloomsburg did a horrible job of that Horror Child
  19. Horror Child's Avatar
    One other key for Minn St - defense don't jump offside when the Concord center quickly twists his head prior to the snap.
  20. MavDad's Avatar
    Very nice article
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