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Chuck Bitner

  1. The Four Quarters of the PSAC: First Quarter

    Now that three games have been played, itís a good time to re-assess the conference and see how each team is doing. Since we have an even 16 teams in the conference, and since weíre a quarter of the way through the season, Iíve broken the teams into four quarters and ranked them based on performance so far. Below are the four quarters of the PSAC, along with some random notes and observations.

    Overall, it has not been a superb start to the season. After three weeks, we still have ...

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  2. Week 3 in the PSAC

    Week three of the D2 season takes us into the second round of east-west crossover games in the PSAC. Remember, these games do count towards the conference standings. Next week begins the 7 game divisional grind!

    If you haven't looked at the D1 TV schedule for this weekend, let me save you some time. There is nothing compelling on TV until late in the day, so get off your couch and get out to a game!

    IUP (1-1, 0-1) at Lock Haven (0-2, 0-1) 12:00

    In the ...

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  3. Recapping Week 2 in the PSAC

    For the second week in a row, weather was a significant factor in several games. Some were played in steady rain, while others were also impacted by heavy fog. Hopefully we'll get some nice weather soon!

    Here are my headlines for week two:

    Didnít see that coming
    Iíve dropped some hints since the preseason that I thought Kutztown could be a pretty decent football team, if they could get through the adjustments with the coaching change quickly. I did believe ...

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  4. Conference Play Begins for the PSAC

    Iím pretty jazzed up for this week and I hope you are too. The schedule of games is fantastic. Week Two for the PSAC is the first round of East-West crossover games and this year, the results count towards the conference standings. What a way to start that new arrangement. Take a look at the schedule. With maybe one exception, all of these games should be pretty competitive. I donít think Cheyney will have much for Gannon, but the other seven games match teams of comparable strength (or least fairly ...

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  5. Thoughts on Week 1 in the PSAC

    After months of anticipation, week 1 has already come and gone for the PSAC. The only week of out of conference action provided plenty of drama, some interesting results and a few surprises. There was plenty of lighting Ė literally and figuratively Ė to be found in the 14 games played.

    So what did we learn in the first week? Simple. We learned that weíll learn a lot more after week 2. I guess I could end the blog there, but that wouldnít really be any fun, would it? Here are some ...

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